Former Denver Seminary student, evangelical author speaks at Joyce Meyer Conference’s 40th-year celebrations

A former Denver Seminary student and evangelical author was among the speakers invited to the 40th-year celebrations of the Joyce Meyer Conference. Photo: Luis Quintero/Pexels

Lisa Harper, the evangelical author and former student at the Denver Seminary, was one of the speakers invited during the 40th-anniversary celebrations of the Joyce Meyer Conference in St. Louis, Mo.

The Roys Report website bared that Harper and several other evangelical leaders and performers at the event held from Sept. 22-24 at America’s Center.

The celebrations reportedly drew several thousand attendees.

Big-name Guests

The event brought in some known evangelical leaders and performers, including Pastor Joel Osteen, Harper, and Chris Tomlin.

Osteen is a televangelist and author known for his prosperity theology pronouncements. He is head of the Lakewood Church, among the country’s biggest.

A Vox article described it as “a quintessentially American theology.” Osteen reportedly claimed that praying could bring one financial riches, Vox wrote.

Tomlin, meanwhile, is a Grammy-award-winning artist belonging to the Passion Band.

A fellow artist, Tauren Wells, also performed during the gathering. Wells is a Platinum artist and Lakewood Church’s worship leader.

Another author, Christine Caine, joined Harper. Like Osteen and Meyer, the article noted that Caine is linked to the prosperity gospel.

Backlash on the Event

While Joyce Meyer’s 40th anniversary may seem a success with the thousands in attendance and the presence of the religious leaders and known personalities, it was not all too rosy.

Tomlin, who took to Instagram to share his feelings about his involvement in the event, received many negative comments from his followers.

“Wonderful night at the 40th anniversary of the Joyce Meyer conference…grateful to be a part of the celebration!” Tomlin reportedly wrote on his Instagram account.

One commenter labeled Joyce Meyer a “false teacher” and told Tomlin that his appearance at her event reflected his gospel beliefs.

Meanwhile, another commenter asked: “Who’s next? Singing at (Kenneth) Copeland’s conference too? . . .”

The Roys Report article mentioned that Meyer was among several televangelists subjected to a Senate Finance Committee inquiry back in 2007 for their wealth and alleged abuse of nonprofit status.

The senate committee did not issue any sanction against Meyer and five other televangelists, the article said.

Meyer and Osteen owned multimillion-dollar properties and were known for preaching the prosperity gospel.

Meyer’s ministry allegedly has a Gulfstream IV worth at least $10 million. She also allegedly has five properties under her name, while her family is reportedly worth $4 million.

About Lisa Harper

Harper is an evangelical writer and regular guest at the Better Together show run by Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), which Caine hosts.

Lisa Harper was formerly the director of the national women’s ministry of Focus on the Family.

She reportedly has “advanced degrees” from the Covenant and Denver seminaries. Her website said she has an M.Div. from Covenant Seminary and has recently completed her Ph.D. studies at the Denver Seminary. Her thesis is reportedly underway.

Her bio also revealed that she has over three decades of experience as a ‘church and para-church ministry leader.’

Harper had spent 10 years as a speaker for the “Women of Faith” and was the brains behind the “renewing the Heart” conferences. The latter has served close to 200,00 women, her website disclosed.

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