Most Stunning Churches in Denver for Your Wedding Ceremony

Denver's scenery is an ideal backdrop for wedding ceremonies. (Photo by David Vilches from Unsplash)

Denver is famous for its natural beauty, including breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, which can serve as a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

Because it includes several churches representing a range of architectural trends and religious traditions, you can find a place of worship that is congruent with your preferences and convictions.

Many of the city's churches have experienced wedding officiants who can assist and lead you through organizing your wedding ceremony and producing a memorable and meaningful tradition.

Your wedding ceremony may feel more like a part of a broader celebration if it is held at one of the many churches that regularly have community events and activities in Denver.

Here is a list of churches that may help you find the right church for your wedding:

Assumption of the Theotokos

Situated on a hill in south Denver's Hilltop district, the Assumption of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church's golden dome may be seen from a distance. The outside merely serves as a teaser for the splendor that lies within. Upon inside, you will be taken aback by the number of icons painted in a traditional Greek style. A more beautiful setting for a Greek Orthodox couple's wedding couldn't be found.

(Photo taken from Assumption of the Theotokos’ Facebook page)

The Assumption of the Theotokos Church was founded by Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, not by any individual or collective or ethical or philosophical system.

According to Orthodox teaching, the church was first established by Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in the Apostolic Community.

Fifty days after Easter, Christians worldwide celebrate Pentecost to remember when the Holy Spirit was "poured forth" on the Apostles and the church's mission to the world officially got underway.

The Orthodox Church is convinced that she has kept the same love, faith, and order that first arose in the Pentecostal Church.

Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception was designed in a style reminiscent of French Gothic. If you and your partner were Catholic, there is no better location for your wedding.

The altars, pediments, statues, pulpit, throne, and communion rail were all crafted from the finest Carrara marble imported from Italy.

Each marble wheat and grape cluster at the apex of the internal columns gives rise to a trinity of ribs. These ribs hold up the Gothic vaulted roof.

(Photo taken from Structurae’s website)

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception was consecrated on October 27, 1912.

Cherry Hills Community Church Chapel

If you were looking for a straightforward yet beautiful wedding venue, consider the Dixon Chapel at Cherry Hills Community Church. The chapel stands on its own, unattached to the larger church.

It is constructed entirely of stone and sits on a hill overlooking Highlands Ranch and the front range mountains and foothills.

The masonry and vaulted wood ceilings within are stunning, while the stained glass cross hanging behind the altar is one of the building's most eye-catching elements.

As a community dedicated to helping its members live out their God-given potential, the  Dixon Chapel at Cherry Hills Community Church views discipleship as a lifetime journey of developing in connection with God and becoming more like Jesus.

Evans Memorial Chapel

The historic Evans Memorial Chapel may be in the heart of the picturesque University of Denver campus. The non-sectarian church has stained glass windows, antique furnishings, and a cozy interior design. It is located within a designated nursery, providing a beautiful backdrop for wedding photography.

(Photo taken from University of Denver’s website)

However, wedding reservations cannot be taken until 2023 since the Evans Memorial Chapel is currently undergoing renovations.

Holy Ghost Church

The Church of the Holy Ghost in Denver is a Spanish and Italian Renaissance architectural masterpiece, finished in 1943.

The contrast between the medieval church, its 110-foot tower, and the modern downtown buildings will be striking for your visitors.

The marble, towering pipe organ, and dazzling stained glass will create a stunning backdrop for your ceremony. It's a beautiful urban setting for a Catholic wedding.

(Photo taken from Structurae’s website)

On December 14, 1924, the original Church of the Holy Ghost (now the Helen Bonfils Parish Center, bottom floor) was dedicated. On July 8, 1943, the current Holy Ghost Church building was consecrated.

Our Lady of Loreto Catholic Church

Our Lady of Loreto Catholic Church, one of the newest cathedrals in the Denver area, does a remarkable job of feeling both contemporary and historic.

Just south of Denver, off of Arapahoe road, the building's massive stone facade makes quite a first impression.

When you step inside the church, you would see its true splendor and would be surrounded by towering wooden columns as you go down the aisle, and the high ceiling will make you think of branches stretching toward the sky.

(Photo taken from Our Lady of Loreto Catholic Church’s website)

The shrine dedicated Our Lady of Loreto is .ocated on Italy's Adriatic coast, three hours from Rome. After Lourdes and Fatima, it is Europe's third-largest Marian shrine.

In the year of the Holy Spirit 1998, the parish of Our Lady of Loreto was established.

St. Dominic Catholic Parish

If you were looking for a traditional Catholic church for your wedding, go no further than St. Dominic.

You would know you have entered a sacred space when you see the soaring arches, marble altar, and intricately carved crucifix in the church's interior.

(Photo taken from St. Dominic Catholic Parish’s website)

One of the cathedral's most striking features is a grand stairway that is beautifully illuminated and makes for unforgettable wedding images.

Trinity United Methodist Church

Trinity United Methodist Church has been a downtown Colorado fixture since its 1888 founding. Trinity is often regarded as the best example of American "modern Gothic" architecture.

(Photo taken from Trinity United Methodist Church's website)

When it was built, Trinity's steeple was one of the tallest stone towers in the United States at over 183 feet in height.

The towering pipe organ at Trinity will provide a majestic setting for your wedding ceremony at the altar. In addition, the courtyard is one of our go-to spots for wedding day bride portraits.


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