Steamboat Springs pastor departs from family to serve new church in Northglenn

man left church (Photo by Pawan Sharma on Unsplash)

A Steamboat Springs pastor has recently left his family in the rural area to serve another church in Northglenn, Colorado, a few miles away from Denver.

Congregants at the Holy Name Catholic Church in Steamboat said their goodbyes to Rev. Ernest Bayer, who served the church for 17 years. 

Steamboat Springs Congregants Bid Goodbye to Pastor

According to a report from Steamboat Pilot & Today, many congregants of Holy Name Catholic Church were saddened over the departure of its long-time church leader, Rev. Ernest Bayer.

Around 650 families from Steamboat reportedly attended the last services of the pastor, held on Aug. 6 and 7. 

Unfortunately, Reverend Bayer’s congregants were not just the ones who were left behind in Steamboat.

As reported, the pastor’s family stayed in the area, including the reverend’s parents and sister. His brothers were also residents outside Steamboat. 

In his words, Reverend Bayer said that he does not want to be selfish in any way when it comes to his pastoral works.

He believed that God planned everything and that he needed to share the congregation with another minister for him to be blessed by the community itself. 

He added that he had already served the congregation for 17 years. For now, he said that if God wanted him to come back to Steamboat Springs, He would also send him a signal. 

“I need to share it to share, and in God’s time he’s sending the person that he wants to enjoy this place and be blessed by it, but also to move it forward with his gifts, with what he wants to bring and where he wants to move it,” the pastor said. 

As per the report, many of the congregants and staff of Reverend Bayer had already sent their goodbyes to the pastor. 

Betsy Johnson, office manager and pastoral assistant of the Steamboat Springs church, expressed her gratitude for working alongside Reverend Bayer by saying that the pastor has always been positive in life. 

Meanwhile, Mitch Locke, one of the congregants in the church and owner of Yampa Valley Funeral Home, described Reverend Bayer as a ‘very good minister’ and a ‘great guy.’

She shared how the two of them were good friends since he was always there for her whenever she needed guidance and help. 

As posted via the Holy Name Catholic Church’s Facebook page, Reverend Bayer will be replaced by Fr. Grzegorz Cioch. 

Success of Reverend Bayer’s 17 Year-term

Aside from the fact that Reverend Bayer had been with the Holy Name Catholic Church for 17 years, the pastor is also known in the congregation due to his successful leadership.

According to the report, under his leadership, the Steamboat Springs church was able to raise millions of funds to build an expansive sanctuary. 

Not only that, Reverend Bayer partnered with many people in the church, resulting in several programs that the Holy Name hosted.

Such events include two performances of the opera Amahl and the Night Visitors, Joseph Haydn’s Missa in Angustiis, and many more. 

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