Elderly persons' group to hold talk at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Elderly persons will attend the MN150 event to discuss the historical figures, sites, and monuments in Minneapolis. Image: leah hetteberg|Unsplash

Longfellow/Seward Healthy Seniors will discuss on Tuesday, April 18, at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church as part of the 150th anniversary of Minnesota's statehood in 2008. 

According to the announcement, the organization will converse with Kate Roberts and the Minnesota Historical Society.

'Minnesota 150: The People, Places and Things that Shape Our State'

In honor of Minnesota's statehood's 150th anniversary in 2008, the Minnesota Historical Society solicited public input on the state's most significant historical figures, sites, and moments.

According to allevents.in, among thousands of entries, 150 were chosen for an exhibition and accompanying publication. 

Attendees can listen as Minnesota Historical Society Senior Exhibit Developer Kate Roberts discusses the selection process, topic viability, and more regarding the MN150.

Also, guest lecturers on health and wellness topics, birthday parties, and social time are part of the monthly Senior Social and Health Talks, which take place on the third Tuesday of each month.

All events are free, and refreshments are always available. The In/Blood Pressure Clinic will also have a nurse present. Membership is not necessary.

The elderly in the larger Longfellow and Seward areas of south Minneapolis is served by Longfellow/Seward Healthy Seniors, a community-based, non-profit organization.

They are part of the Living at Home Network and the Living at Home/Block Nurse Program.

According to the website, their goal is to help elders in the community remain active members of society, while maintaining their independence and quality of life.

They have been in the business of helping the elderly out since 1994, and about 500 retirees are among the beneficiaries each year. 

Grants, foundations, gifts, fundraising events, and bequests from the public and private sectors provide most of the program's funding.

About Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church is a welcoming place where people from many walks of life can come together to explore what it means to follow Christ's teachings. The residents of Holy Trinity hold a wide range of views on aspects of faith and morality.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church has been firmly planted in the diverse, immigrant-rich Longfellow neighborhood since its 1904 inception. It is also firmly anchored in a love of learning, traditional worship, and a dedication to social justice.

Per its history, several members of the Danish-speaking congregation at St. Peder's Lutheran Church in Minneapolis's Longfellow district decided to leave the church in 1904, reflecting the area's changing demographics.

This minority argued that the new church should only use English. The Evangelical English Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity was established as a direct result of their endeavors.

Concern for world hunger, homelessness, and the elderly are only a few examples of the many causes that Holy Trinity has worked on throughout its existence.

According to the website, the congregation has long held that the church should participate in moral and ethical discussions regarding public policy and legislation and exert whatever influence it can on matters threatening international justice and harmony.

Acceptance is a core principle at Holy Trinity; nobody is ever turned away.

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