Archdiocese of Newark calls for donations for Catholic Relief Services Collection

The Catholics of the Archdiocese of Newark was encouraged to donate to The Catholic Relief Services Collection to help people in need worldwide. (Photo by Pixabay from Pexels)

The members of the Archdiocese of Newark were encouraged to donate to The Catholic Relief Services Collection to help people in need worldwide starting Saturday, March 18, until Sunday, March 19.

The collection is sponsored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and collected by dioceses nationwide. Also, accepting donations for this collection is part of "#iGiveCatholicTogether."

Helping Others

According to the Jersey Catholic, in addition to supporting Catholic Relief Services, the international relief and development agency of the U.S. bishops, the collection also funds the programs of several other ministries, including the Department of International Justice and Peace that advocates for the protection and rights of suffering plights, the USCCB's Department of Migration and Refugee Services for refugee resettlement, the Holy Father's Relief Fund, and Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC).

Bishop James Wall of Gallup, the USCCB's Committee on National Collections chairman, noted that when people contribute to the collection, they become His instruments of love and mercy.

As mentioned, donations from the 2021 collection, the final for which accounting is complete, were intended to Reveal Christ's Love to refugees, victims of conflicts and natural catastrophes, and individuals with special pastoral needs.

More than 75,000 Afghan refugees were resettled in the United States with the assistance of the Department of Migration and Refugee Services (MRS) of the USCCB.

Funding from the Catholic Relief Services Collection supports MRS to become a leader in addressing the needs of vulnerable migrants by supporting policy initiatives on behalf of refugees and immigrants, personnel costs of MRS staff, and program costs associated with outreach such as the Afghan refugee resettlement program.

Catholic Relief Services Collection

Catholic Relief Services Collection provides financial assistance to groups affiliated with the Catholic Church who are engaged in humanitarian and solidarity work on a global scale. 

Its programs include advocacy for the powerless, development projects to improve living conditions for the poor; legal and support services for poor immigrants; peace and reconciliation work for people suffering from violence; and relief and resettlement for victims of persecution, war, and natural disasters.

It can be challenging for families to provide for themselves and their children in parts of the world that are still developing. 

Thus, a community was able to establish a Savings and Internal Lending Community with the assistance of Catholic Relief Services, which is one of the organizations that the CRSC supports financially (SILC). 

Members donate whatever amount they can through the SILC, which enables them to combine their resources and accumulate savings as a group. Members can borrow money to satisfy immediate requirements or cultivate potential business prospects. 

Catholic Relief Services can provide refugees in the country and worldwide with the much-required material and spiritual support because of the generous donations that have been made. 

Together with bishops, it has engaged policymakers to protect vulnerable families. 

Refugees could obtain employment, learn English, and create new houses with the assistance of continued support, far away from the religious and political turmoil they endured in their native countries.

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