Pro-abortion activists block route for pro-life march

Pro-abortion activists blocked the route for pro-life march. (Photo by Zoe VandeWater from Unsplash)

A group of pro-abortion demonstrators blocked the route that pro-life protesters customarily travel through the streets of New York City during the monthly event.

It caused the march to be cut short and disrupted the pro-life cause.

Witness for Life: Manhattan Event

The pro-life rally known as 'Witness for Life: Manhattan,' which takes place on the first Saturday of every month, was met with opposition the whole length of its procession on Saturday, Feb. 4. 

The opposition began at the doors of the Basilica of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral. It continued to the Planned Parenthood clinic on the corner of Mott and Bleecker Streets, approximately a five-minute walk from the cathedral doors.

Fr. Fidelis Moscinski, a pro-life activist and member of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, said that the march was challenging since pro-abortion supporters blocked their path the entire time.

The delay occurred due to a gathering of pro-abortion counter-protesters obstructing the sidewalk that the march typically takes. 

After receiving multiple warnings from an automated message from the New York Police Department, the group, which Moscinski and other members of the Witness for Life referred to as 'the opposition,' would only slowly step backward.

Within the first ten minutes of the parade, the warnings, which included the risk of arrest for unlawfully obstructing pedestrian traffic, were issued, and they continued to be issued for the remainder of the procession.

Due to the disturbance, it took the march about an hour to reach the facilities of Planned Parenthood, even though the journey usually takes only five minutes to complete on foot.

The NYPD did not make any additional comments and did not have any records of arrests made during the parade, according to the Office of the Deputy Commissioner.

Clash Incident of Pro-abortion, Pro-life Protesters

At a Catholic Church in New York City on Saturday, Aug. 6, there was a conflict between pro-abortion protestors and anti-abortion campaigners, resulting in several arrests.

During a demonstration supporting abortion rights at The Basilica of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral in Lower Manhattan, the New York Police Department verified to Fox News Digital that five people were taken into custody.

Several people at the demonstration posted videos and photographs to social media showing officers from the NYPD making arrests and attempting to bring the gathering under control.

A video of the incident was shared with Fox News Digital by the New York Young Republican Club Catholic Caucus. 

Protesters opposed to abortion often gather at the cathedral on the first Saturday of each month. After their rally, they will march to a Planned Parenthood clinic in the area to voice their opposition to the practice.

In the video, pro-choice demonstrators can be heard shouting at and referring to Catholic parishioners as Nazis as they try to enter the church.

As mentioned, the police did not disclose any information regarding the ages of the demonstrators or the charges that had been brought against them.

The NYYRC Catholic Caucus again condemns the violence directed against Old St. Patrick's parishioners this morning, another attempt to scare Catholics.

However, they applaud the members of their group who attended their rosary demonstration.

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