Church of the Brethren opens nomination for Eder Financial Board

Church of the Brethren opened the nominations for Eder Finacial Board positions. (Photo taken from Church of the Brethren’s Facebook page)

Church of the Brethren encouraged its congregation to participate in nominating members for the Eder Financial Board on the 2023 annual conference ballot.

The church’s Facebook page mentioned that each member could help them design the church's future. 

Duties of Eder Financial Board

According to Church of the Brethren’s post, the responsibility of the Eder Financial Board is to provide pension and insurance employee benefits for people. They added that the board would also be in charge of giving asset management services to institutions. 

The elected Ede Financial Board would serve for four year-term, as further explained in the post. Also, the church noted that they are socially accountable for self-managed funds and should adhere to Brethren's principles. 

Moreover, they explained that the board looks over the benevolent budget for pastors, congregational, and district workers. They added that they should assist in educating Brethren to have a successful financial plan for the future.

More about Eder Financial Board

The church’s nomination section mentioned that Eder Financial Board has 12 members. During the Annual Conference, they announced that members of the Church of the Brethren Pension Plan would choose four directors. 

As further explained, these elected directors would represent the employees of user organizations. They noted that the board of directors would have to decide on the available positions. 

In addition, the website said that the president of Eder Financial, Inc. and the Church of the Brethren, Inc.’s general secretary would have the authority over those members of the board without a vote. 

Besides, they explained that the board might assign individuals who are non-voting members to the board committees.

Eligibility for Position

The same website emphasizes the qualities that the board requires. First, they stressed that the nominee should be a member of the Church of the Brethren.

In addition, the member should be an expert in finance, banking, and employee benefits, as explained on the website. As further mentioned, the board is also looking for someone with professional skills in accounting, law, and information technology and systems. 

Moreover, the website said that the nominee should know about investments, human resources, and asset management. Besides, they added that they should have a gift in doing charitable works and health care. 

Annual Conference at Church of the Brethren

According to the church’s website, the mission of the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference is to unite, empower, and train the church to obey Jesus. Besides, they emphasized that the yearly conference is an excellent opportunity for the church. 

They desire to help people commit to Jesus and revive others' commitment, as noted on the website. Also, they explained that through this gathering, they hope to give glory to God through their excellent worship, deeds, and fellowship. 

In addition, the website said that the church envisions itself managing its business through discussions, study committees, agency reports, and addressing concerns. 

More importantly, the church wants to conduct a conference that welcomes everyone and unites Brethren from various customs and perspectives. They emphasized that they hoped this gathering could help each member proclaim Jesus as their Lord. 

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