Victory Outreach San Diego to have Darryll Strawberry as guest to breakfast with men

Daryll Strawberry will visit Victory Outreach San Diego to join breakfast and gathering with men. (Photo taken from Victory Outreach San Diego's Facebook page)

Victory Outreach Church in San Diego will be visited by the four-time Major League Baseball (MLB) world champion, Daryll Strawberry, on Aug. 20, Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The church’s Facebook page invites male members to a breakfast with Strawberry. They also posted that the baseball player got Silver Slugger twice. 

Knowing Daryll Strawberry

The Baseball Wiki website revealed that Strawberry was one of the most fearless sluggers in the game. People knew him for his vast home runs and “intimidating presence”  whenever he was in the batter’s box. 

The website posted that he was famous during his career. They emphasized that Strawberry was voted to the All-Star Game eight consecutive times from 1984 to 1991. 

As further explained, he contributed to leading the New York Mets to one World Series championship when he was 17 years old. Besides, the website said that he was also part of the New York Yankees’ three World Series Championships in 1996, 1998, and 1999.

Strawberry's Early Career

The same website revealed that Strawberry began his baseball career in high school. He was playing for the Crenshaw High School Cougars with Chris Brown, as posted on the website. The website said he was tagged as a “can’t miss” player during his time.  

According to the website, Strawberry leveled up through the Mets system. Then in 1983, they noted that he achieved a significant league level. They highlighted that he was the National League’s Rookie of The Year. 

During his first All-Star game, he hit 26 home runs, as the website emphasized.

Men at Victory Outreach San Diego

Victory Outreach San Diego is dedicated to training and nurturing men in all their life’s journey, as posted on the church’s men section. They added that they are helping male members to do their calling and accomplish their part in the Victory Outreach’s vision.

The church’s men’s ministry noted that members could find camaraderie with a purpose. As further revealed, the church challenged male members so they could reach their full capabilities in Jesus Christ.

The same website said that the Victory Church is passionate about teaching men qualities to turn them into Godly men. The church added that a man who follows God is what the world needs today. 

In addition, men at Victory Outreach desire men to do extraordinary things. Its purpose is to help male members follow Jesus through local church events, regional churches, and international conventions.

During their meeting, men pray and worship. The website noted that they have a special gathering to listen to God’s words with their pastors and leaders. Men’s fellowship is their opportunity to be united in Christ, as mentioned on the website.

Besides, the website said male members learned their purpose and built friendships while attending church activities for men.

The same website stressed that the men's gatherings have a significant role in the ministry. The church holds camping, fishing, or golfing to have fellowship and motivation in Jesus. The church said that its vision includes fun in reaching out to others.


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