Catholic Diocese of Cleveland launches 'Keeping the Faith' strategic plan for elementary education

The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland has released the “Keeping the Faith” strategic plan to help Catholic schools fulfill their goals and enhance students’ faith. Image courtesy of James Coleman|Unsplash

The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland recently released the "Keeping the Faith" strategic plan for elementary education after five years of research, discussion, and planning.

The diocese said in a post that they discussed the strategy in three separate meetings on Jan. 30, during Catholic Schools Week.

The afternoon presentation was at St. Albert the Great Parish Life Center and was open to pastors and principals.

'Keeping the Faith' Strategic Plan Launch

In 2018, when Nelson Perez — the current archbishop of Philadelphia — was bishop of Cleveland, Keeping the Faith (KTF) was founded. The bishop's liaison to KTF, Fr. John Betters, recently wrote to him to ask about the future of education in the diocese.

According to the news published by the diocese, they established an ad hoc think tank in response to the letter.

In 2019, they released a study addressing the letter's difficulties and potential, highlighting the importance of a strategic master plan for schools. The KTF foundation was laid later that year.

Unfortunately, the worldwide pandemic of 2020 slowed its progress. After Bishop Edward Malesic's installation, work resumed later that year, and the official start date was January 2021.

Following almost two years of teamwork, discussion, and setting goals and priorities, the KTF successfully developed a comprehensive plan. 

It supports Catholic education's worth and purpose while also foreseeing a change in strategy that will allow primary schools to fulfill that goal better.

Bishop Malesic stated that one of the Church's 'largest and most vital ministries' is the education they provide through its schools. He added that they had the 'best youth ministry program overall.'

"Our Catholic schools have helped students blossom into men and women of virtue and to grow into the people God created them to be," the bishop added, as quoted in the report. 

As the bishop shared, one of the "multi-pronged" philosophies of KTF is that Catholic schools offer what the world needs: the training of people who are completely alive in Christ, perfected in freedom and love in accordance with the Gospel, and called to be missionary disciples.

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Goals Benefitting Catholic Schools

For Bishop Malesic, Keeping the Faith's goal is to ensure that all areas of the diocese have access to Catholic schools, highly regarded academically, efficiently run, and conveniently located.

As per the report, webinars will be held this spring and summer to guarantee that everyone is on the same page about the key focus areas for the KTF.

As a first step in a coordinated effort to improve Catholic schools across the diocese, September will see the start of regular meeting times for interested parties to come together. 

Members of the KTF group have stated that the strategy can help boost high schools across the diocese in the future.

About the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

Cleveland's Roman Catholic Diocese was established on April 23, 1847. 

According to its website, "Catholic Charities-Diocese of Cleveland is one of the largest diocesan systems of social services in the world," serving over 613,000 Catholics in the Diocese. 

There are more than 180 Catholic schools, a pastoral center, and a mission office within the diocese.

Through the strength of their faith, they can show the world what Jesus Christ has accomplished in every aspect of their life. 

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