Grace Church in Akron gets $25K grant to help teens 'learn potential to do God's work'

The Kingdom Advancing Grant from Brotherhood Mutual Foundation will help young people see their potential to do godly work. Image courtesy of Brooke Cagle|Unsplash

According to Church Executive, the Brotherhood Mutual Foundation has awarded $150,000 to four churches, including Grace Church in Akron. 

The Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company and the Brotherhood Mutual Foundation announced the first beneficiaries of Kingdom Advancing Grants for 2022.

The funding seeks to help churches in the United States focus on their primary goal of building God's kingdom.

Grants To Improve Church Programs

Four churches shared $150,000 in Kingdom Advancing Grants from the Brotherhood Mutual Foundation. 

The Grant Council and the leadership of Brotherhood Mutual came up with the idea to donate to Christian churches so that they could fund service and ministry projects that would have a positive impact on their communities.

The objective is to fund long-term projects that could serve as models for other churches around the United States.

Grace Church Bath Campus in Akron, Ohio, was one of the recipients for 2022. The church got a $25,000 grant, the website said.

The grant money will be used to create lessons and test out a program that shows young people how they might answer God's call to work in the business world. The fund may also be used to train professionals to lead others as disciples and mentors.

'Making Profound Impact'

Mark Robison, the chairman and president of Brotherhood Mutual, was inspired to hear about the creative initiatives being undertaken by churches across the country. 

Robison said that it was even more rewarding to be a part of making those initiatives sustainable, replicable, and widespread.

"These faithful servants of God are making a profound impact as they establish unique ways to engage with the community and reach souls for Christ," Church Executive quoted him saying.

The website added that the Kingdom Advancing Grant is meant for a church-run program or project. Its secondary goal is to advance God's kingdom by leading people to Christ or deepening their faith in Him.

Aside from Grace Church, congregations in Oregon, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania also received grants from Brotherhood Mutual Foundation. 

In July, the Kingdom Advancing Grant Council will decide on this year's recipients. 

Church Executive bared that the Grant Council comprises administrators, pastors, and executive executives from significant churches and ministries nationwide.

Individual grants from the Brotherhood Mutual Foundation range from $15,000 to $100,000 annually. 

The scope and financial requirements of the projects will determine the number of grants awarded each year. As a bonus, each grantee will partner with an experienced minister who can serve as a guide and advisor.

About Grace Church

Members of Grace Church are confident that telling others about Jesus can change their lives more than anything else they can do. 

They aspire to be believers who understand the gospel, embody it, and share it with others.

As stated on its website, Grace Church's student ministries aim to introduce young people to Jesus and instruct them on how to follow Him through sharing the wisdom of God's Word.

As students begin to put their faith into action through acts of kindness and compassion, Grace Church seeks to provide settings where they can find companionship, community, and an understanding of how God has given them.

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