Archbishop's Catholic Appeal's donation enables additional payments to all Archdiocese of Denver Catholic School teachers

Archbishop's Catholic Appeal's donation enable additional payments to all Archdiocese of Denver Catholic School teachers. (Photo by National Cancer Institute from Unsplash)

In recognition of the exceptional job that Catholic school teachers across the Archdiocese of Denver do, additional payments were provided to them all last month.

It was because of the generosity of donors to the Archbishop's Catholic Appeal during the previous year.

Recognition of Teachers' Efforts

Based on the article from the Archdiocese of Denver, the teachers expressed gratitude for the checks. They described the rewards they receive as being "intangible."

"Of course, we are very grateful for the financial element. The feeling that you have gratitude for what Catholic educators do makes a far more significant impact," St. Louis Elementary School teacher Pattie Hagen said in a prior thank you card to Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila. 

Moreover, Julie Talbot, an All Souls Catholic School teacher, also expressed her gratitude in a prior thank-you note by writing, "I am grateful to work for such a kind and supportive environment. I just wanted to thank you for everything you do for the Catholic schools and those working for them. We are just very fortunate!"

It was reportedly the third year in a row that exceptional contribution to the Appeal has made it feasible to offer the special checks to teachers during Catholic Schools Week, which was held from Jan. 29 to Feb. 4.

Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools

The Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools instills confidence in parents, assuring them that the money they put into their child's education at a Catholic school will contribute to their child's overall growth and future success. 

It has a curriculum that is rigorous, time-tested, and taught by devoted faculty in an environment that is faith-based and nurturing, that ultimately leads to academic accomplishment that can be quantified. 

A curriculum that reinforces what is taught at home, especially the virtues of discipline, respect, and responsibility, should incorporate Catholic teachings, faith, and traditions as an important part of that curriculum.

Moreover, in the spirit of servant leadership, the Office of Catholic Schools offers vision, direction, and supervision to the communities that make up the Archdiocesan Catholic school system to assist those communities in accomplishing their mission to proclaim Christ and form authentic disciples.

They are confident that the students will experience unparalleled growth in both their academic and personal lives due to their time here at our school.

Some of the factors that give them a reason to hope that Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Denver can deliver on their promise: formation in the Catholic religion, increased focus on the importance of family, taking care of the community, and rigorous academic curriculum.

Archdiocese of Denver

Since 1905, the Catholic Church in Colorado has had a strong and enduring presence in southeast Denver, now known as the Saint John Paul II Center for the New Evangelization. This building was named after Pope John Paul II.

More than seventy clergy members, members of religious orders, and seminarians call the site home, in addition to many facilities necessary for the archdiocese. The following are some of the most important structures: Cardinal Stafford Library, Holy Trinity Center, Pastoral Center, Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary, and Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary and Christ the King Chapel.


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