Denver Christian School to soon introduce a new performing arts center

They still lack the funds to fully establish the center.  (Photo by Liam McGarry from Unsplash)

Denver Christian School is going to soon reveal a new Performing Arts Center in the building, based on its website. 

According to DCS band director Aimee Delnero, the school aims for the new performing arts center to be a communal space for the Denver Christian family.  

According to the Sensing family, DCS has always made sure that they create a safe environment for the students and can impart to them daily faith influences. 

For them, the school has shown that they care not just about the student's academic growth but their spiritual growth. 

They also envision it as a space to help students grow their self-confidence, musical and theatrical talents, and passion for performing. 

Their expectations for the new center align with their goal to make DCS an accessible, world-class Christian institution that seeks to glorify God. 

The intent of the center also speaks about its mission to "inspire and equip students of Christian families to engage the world with Christ's transforming power of love." 

DCS believes that God created creative individuals, which is why their institution is committed to helping students pursue excellence in their God-given talents. 

By providing the students with a space to explore their creativity and grow in faith, they seek to develop in each child a "beauty creator." 

According to DCS, a "beauty creator" is someone who can stir the imaginations and touch the hearts of people through their creativity and talent.

In this way, the people around them can know and feel God's word, His goodness, and His beauty.

Features of Performing Arts Center 

According to their website, the center will be a step above its current one.

It will have upgraded theatrical, video, and broadcast capabilities and a bigger seating capacity. 

A proscenium stage will also be present for plays, musicals, dance, and music ensemble performances. The center will also have an academic space where they can host electives related to worship, performance, composition, and theater. 

The new Performing Arts Center will also be able to host other events such as meetings, banquets, and school dances. 

Currently, the DCS community is working to finally make the new performing arts center come to life.

'Finish the Dream'

As of now, DCS has allotted a space in the center of their campus that will serve as the location for the performing arts center. 

However, they still lack the funds to fully establish the center. 

In line with this, DCS has started a fundraiser called "Finish the Dream" to reach its goal of finishing the transformational project. 

Currently, they have been pledged a significant portion of $5.2 million. Their goal now is to raise $800,000 by the fall of 2022. 

Through an episode of their The Big Picture Podcast, they have called on the community to involve themselves in the center's establishment, invest in its goals, and commit to what it can offer. 

They have three ways in which the community can participate. Generous donors and investors can make a one-time gift, pledge a multiple-year commitment, or purchase a chair in the future performing arts center for $1,000.

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