Epworth United Methodist Church's truck gets stolen

Epworth United Methodist Church's Ford Super Duty pickup was stolen from a little lot on the rear side of the church last week. (Photo by REVOLT from Unsplash)

Epworth United Methodist Church's Ford Super Duty pickup was stolen from a little lot on the rear side of the church last week.

The congregation is reportedly confronted with a new challenge-delivering the essential food supply to the church.

Importance of Church's Food Truck

According to FOX 31, Ptr. Vicky Alvarado of the Epworth United Methodist Church in Denver Alvarado stated that those responsible for stealing the truck did not think about the consequences and the issues that this would create.

Alvarado affirmed that they are not going to quit in their pursuit. "God will always make way for us to go," she added. She also emphasized the importance of community involvement.

The freezers, refrigerators, and shelves used for the church's food pantry are stacked to the ceiling in every basement area.

Alvarado described the place of worship as "a little church with a tremendous heart."

Dozens of people wait in line outside the church at the corner of High Street and Bruce Randolph Avenue every Tuesday and Thursday to receive meals.

Donations from local grocery stores and the Food Bank of the Rockies provide most of the distributed food.

Alvarado stated that there must be a purpose for them to visit this location. "They come here because they don't have anything to eat at home," she said.

According to Milon, the church only carried liability insurance on the truck; therefore, they are out of luck if they cannot locate it. 

They have pledged to continue serving the community in some capacity, regardless of the circumstances.

Epworth United Methodist Church

Epworth Methodist Episcopal Church was founded in 1894 and is considered the beginning of the church's history.

The official founding of Epworth M.E. Church resulted in the recruitment of 163 charter members on May 24, 1894. 

It intended to cater to the ever-increasing number of people living in the northwest quadrant of the city, now the Old West End.

On Dec. 30, 1894, a dedication ceremony took place for the first structure, a frame building on Scottwood Avenue.

When the number of people attending the church increased, efforts were made to amass enough money to construct a new, larger structure in September 1908. 

The facility, situated at the southeast corner of Parkwood Ave. and Delaware Ave., initially consisted of only an auditorium, rooms designated for Sunday School, a kitchen, and a dining room.

On the first of 1922, a significant extension that almost doubled the size of the building and added a sanctuary and other facilities was recently dedicated.

In 1939, the church adopted Epworth Methodist Church as its denomination and adopted a new name.

On Oct. 15, 1961, at the intersection of Valleyview Drive and Central Avenue, a ceremony was held to dedicate the newly constructed structure.

In 1968, the congregation changed its name to Epworth United Methodist Church after the Evangelical United Brethren Church merged with another organization, the United Methodist Church.

The celebration of Epworth's Centenary took place on May 24, 1994. 

The substantial extension that included the Family Life Center, the new offices, and the classrooms was finished in the same year.

During the year 2003, the chancel region of the sanctuary underwent extensive remodeling, and the space as a whole received various other enhancements.

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