Pope Francis asks Archdiocese of Miami Catholics to support Good Friday collection

Pope Francis asks Catholics in the Archdiocese of Miami to support the Good Friday collection. (Photo by Pixabay from Pexels)

Pope Francis asked the Catholics from the Archdiocese of Miami to contribute to the Pontifical Good Friday Collection, which will be held on April 7, to aid Christians in the Holy Land.

Pontifical Good Friday Collection

According to the Archdiocese of Miami, the Pontifical Good Friday Collection is an initiative that assists Christian communities in the Holy Land.  

The contribution of the people is very important to the Catholic Church so that it can continue to minister in parishes, run Catholic schools, and teach religious instruction. 

Also, it contributes to the protection of Christian holy sites, such as those located in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Nazareth, among other places.

Christians in the Holy Land were among the most severely affected by the outbreak. 

The majority of them make a living off of pilgrimages. The collection is essential to assist them in meeting their fundamental requirements and keeping a Christian presence in the area where Christ was born.

Moreover, every Good Friday, a collection is taken up in Catholic churches worldwide to contribute to the ongoing efforts of Franciscan friars serving in the Holy Land.

The Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in the United States is a component of a global network of Commissariats of the Holy Land, which bridges the Holy Land and Christians living in other parts of the world.

As mentioned, the vital support for the work of Franciscans who are working in the Holy Land is coordinated by the Franciscan Monastery in Washington, DC, which is located in the nation's capital.

The Franciscans in charge of the Custody of the Holy Land have the special obligation of looking after the Holy Places and the Christians who make their homes in those regions.

Those people are known as the "Living Stones." People must assist Christians currently residing in the Holy Land to preserve a Christian presence in the very land that was consecrated as holy by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

In addition, these programs receive the Pontifical Good Friday Collection: Educational and Scientific Activities, Faith, Memory and Culture in the Holy Places, Liturgical, Ecumenical, and Communications Programs, Pastoral Activities, and Social and Charitable Activities.

Good Friday

Christianity reported that Good Friday, the Friday preceding Easter, is the Christian commemoration of Jesus' crucifixion and death on Calvary. The Christian holiday is also known as Great Friday, Great and Holy Friday, Black Friday, and Holy Friday.

Good Friday is an important day for Christians because it commemorates what we consider the most significant weekend in the planet's history. 

Christians have considered the cross and resurrection of Jesus to be the pivotal turning point for all of creation ever since Jesus' death and resurrection. 

Paul regarded it "of the utmost significance" that Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and was resurrected on the third day, as promised by God in the Bible.

Good Friday commemorates the day Jesus willingly endured suffering and death by crucifixion as the supreme sacrifice for our sins. 

Easter follows it, the beautiful celebration of the day Jesus rose from the grave, proclaiming his victory over sin and death and foreshadowing a future resurrection for those linked to him by faith.


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