North Hills Church partners with local non-profit ministry to serve kids in foster care

A signage of North Hills Church in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo screen-captured from Google Maps)

North Hills Church, in partnership with Raising Arizona's Men (RAM), provides opportunities to impact the lives of young men living in the foster care system.

The church and RAM engage kids in "Skills Days" every second Saturday of the month.

Days for Foster Care, Skills Days

As shared on the North Hills Church's schedule of events, it helps in RAM Skills Days every second Saturday of the month. 

According to the website, RAM is a non-profit ministry that serves young men in the foster care system. Some of the members of North Hills Church established RAM, Raising Arizona’s Men.

Those interested in serving with RAM Skills Days are requested to register. The church informed everyone that registration is for being included on the mailing list.

Registered individuals will get updates regarding the locations, the time, and other important details for serving the RAM Skills Days.

North Hills Church is inviting all to consider becoming volunteers for this outreach.

On Aug. 13, Skills Days took place. The following schedules would be on Sept. 10, Oct. 8, Nov. 12, and Dec. 11.

Raising Arizona’s Men

According to its website, Renee Hanson is the founder of RAM. She was inspired to establish the ministry after watching a news story about a child who died due to neglect while in foster care.

She started RAM after learning that the greatest need in foster care was supporting and developing the hearts and minds of boys.

RAM believes that as long as the young boys’ hearts are nurtured and protected, negative influences will not impact them. They believe that making boys nurtured and protected would help the boys protect themselves from making crucial mistakes that affect them until adulthood.

It also aspires to train and teach young boys in foster care and beyond. It aims to help these young boys acquire skills for life.

Moreover, RAM targets to serve as a bridge from the foster care system to adulthood.

As shared on its Facebook page, RAM is about shepherding boys into becoming men who will positively impact others, the community, or the group to which they belong.

Among the vital roles of RAM is to help young men to become independent. It works on training young men to live away from the foster care system.

Furthermore, RAM works to help young men become strong leaders of the community.

About North Hills Church

According to its website, North Hills Church is about loving God and others. It identifies itself as a family who believes in the Lord. It lives life together, following the examples of Christ.

North Hills Church journeys in various ways to become disciples of Christ. It also seeks to discover how to make others do the same.

The church began 100 years ago in downtown Phoenix. The church was relocated through the years. Yet its mission remains.

North Hills Church is a non-denominational church affiliated with the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana). Zach Schifferer is the Lead Pastor of North Hills Church.

He and his wife, Alyssa, joined the church in 2019.

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