New City Church to host dinner fellowship for male members

New City Church invites men to attend their dinner fellowship. (Photo taken from New City Church’s website)

New City Church will hold a dinner fellowship for its male members on Tuesday, March 28.

The church’s website encouraged its members to attend and have a discussion focused on what it means to be Jesus' followers as a man today. 

Besides, they mentioned meeting on the fourth Tuesday of every month in New City until May.

Male Members

In another section, New City Church explained that all programs they offer for male members are opportunities for them to connect. They aim to help them follow Jesus.

As further mentioned, the church highlighted that its Men on Mission programs include building community, learning the Scripture, and serving others through particular projects.

Church Groups

Another webpage emphasized that New City Church understands that connection and community are crucial to a person’s discipleship journey. 

They encourage members to be involved with small groups. They also invite them to attend a class aside from joining the gatherings or programs.

Moreover, the church mentioned that they offer a variety of methods to connect whether they like to mature in their faith in a closer setting or learn with a larger group. They added that they explain the differences and choices to help the members.

As further explained, members interested in joining small groups should attend the Core, a four-week introductory class. They pointed out that these are community meetings in homes throughout the city.

In addition, they mentioned that each group runs for eight to twelve weeks at a particular schedule. They said they have a specific vision for the semester, like devotional study to a book or discussion of a particular stage of life.


Meanwhile, the same website emphasized that their classes provide knowledgeable direction and interactive group discussion opportunities. They explained that they gather in New City and focus on a particular subject or area of discipline. 

According to the website, the church discusses marriage, finances, and theology. They mentioned that they cover different content and materials. Also, they encourage community and relationship building, as added on the website.

Struggles of Men

The Ministry Matters website revealed that something is happening to men. They noted that men need to catch up regarding the traditional societal status of success. 

As further mentioned, they said that men are underrepresented in higher education. Also, they have been unequally affected by the economic downturn. 

The website pointed out that men are less likely to be married than in the past.  They added that they are more likely to need clarification about their marriage and family functions. 

Moreover, the website highlights Hanna Rosin's statement in her writing about the changing role of men in the 2010 Atlantic magazine column, The End of Men. They explained that she does not celebrate the struggles of men. 

Rosin discusses what is happening with men and women in the modern landscape and leaves the question if the contemporary postindustrial society is better suitable for women.

In addition, they explained that the pervasiveness and pitfalls of patriarchy has been well-recorded. But, the new system of society, whether economic or cultural, has rapidly impacted men's conditions.


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