Mission Valley Church studies Book of Luke to prepare for Easter

Mission Valley Church encouraged its members to study the Book of Luke to understand what it means to follow Jesus. (Photo taken from Misson Valley Church’s Facebook page)

Mission Valley Church encouraged its members to read the Book of Luke from Monday to Saturday, March 20 to 25, in preparation for Easter.

The church’s Facebook page noted that they hope the members could consider the meaning of becoming followers of Jesus.

Besides, they posted that for six days, they would start meditating on Luke Chapter 14 to Chapter 18. 


The church’s website encouraged members to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ by attending two identical Easter services on Sunday, April 9, at 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. 

They highlighted that Pastor Mike Lee, the church pastor, and the elder, would preach the gospel message of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

The church mentioned that they would sing worship songs for what Jesus had done and how He made way for everyone.

Moreover, Mission Valley Church opens its Kids Ministry classrooms for children from infant to grade six on Easter Sunday. They said they would learn about Jesus and listen to a version of the lesson taught in church. 

After each service, they said they prepared treats and sweets for everyone. They added that they have some activities for the family.

About Mission Valley Church

In another section, Mission Valley Church emphasized that they believe Jesus made their mission clear: to go out into all parts of the world and teach them everything He had taught them. Then, Jesus asked them to baptize those who believed and disciple them to imitate Him.

According to them, the church was made to teach the gospel. They believe that the study of the Bible is simple and profound. They added that it is not only for informing but for transforming lives.

In addition, they explained that the gospel is simply God’s word, and it is beautiful. They pointed out that the gospel means humans sinned and broke His word, which led them to separation from Him.

However, the gospel tells them God did not leave His people amidst the separation. Besides, they emphasized that the gospel revealed the truth that God sent His Son Jesus to save the people. 

Moreover, the church believed that Jesus lived the perfect life and that people could never suffer the horrific death they deserved. They said that the gospel is about reconciling in God’s community.

They said that the gospel is a redemption story, and they must be storytellers of this salvation.

Church's Kids 

The church’s kid section emphasized that they are dedicated to working with families and teaching children to obey Jesus. They believe that they exist to nurture children who love Jesus.

They say they achieve their mission by training families with appropriate resources for various ages. They said that they use discipleship tools that could fit children's age groups to make clear communication and opportunities to serve. 

As further explained, the church believes the gospel is the core of everything they do. Their elementary kids listen to a version based on the church’s teachings weekly, as added on the website. 

They noted that younger kids listen to stories from the Jesus Storybook bible.


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