Phoenix Bible Church hosts 'Vacation Bible School' during spring break

Phoenix Bible Church had a successful Vacation Bible School program during the spring break. (Photo taken from Phoenix Bible Church’s Facebook page)

Phoenix Bible Church hosted a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for children aged four to grade five from Monday to Thursday, March 13 to 16, during their Spring Break.

The church’s Facebook page recognized all the volunteers and the student ministries from First Baptist Church Amarillo for making the program a success.

Vacation Bible School

On the church’s video on their Facebook page, the teacher for the kindergarten said that she is so delighted to see how excited the children are whenever they tell a Bible story and get the memory verse right. 

In addition, an adult church member emphasized that she had fun because of all the youth and the children running around. 

She stressed that VBS brought life back to the Phoenix Bible Church. She added that she loved seeing the children having fun as they started their life with Jesus.

Another youth volunteer noted that the kids have fun dancing in the morning. She added that she enjoyed watching the kids have fun with songs about Jesus. 

Moreover, a young man emphasized that it feels fantastic to be with his friends, and they feel tired after all the work they do for the kids during the VBS.

Block Party

Meanwhile, the church’s website revealed that Phoenix Bible Church also hosted a Block Parrty on Thursday, March 16, in the church’s north parking lot. 

They posted that they had fun with food, inflatables, a petting zoo, shaved ice, and carnival games.

The church prepared bounce houses, archery, games, and more activities for the kids.

Kids at Phoenix Bible Church

The children’s section emphasized that kids at Phoenix Bible Church will have an incredible time with the lessons and programs focused on God. They said their activities center on God’s Big Story of salvation. 

According to them, they desire to offer a secure, genuine, and fun venue.

In addition, they highlighted that they conducted a background check and training for all their volunteers' ages 17 and above. They explained that they are trained to guarantee optimal security in their facilities. 

Moreover, the church mentioned that the kids would learn about Jesus in a fun-filled, safe space. They added that their team would help the parents and guardians get their kids checked in and walk them to their classes.

The church explained they could check in the kids 15 minutes before the service started in their Kids' lobby. They pointed out that their kid’s facility is on the north side of the campus, near seventh avenue.


Phoenix Bible Church also provides programs for children four months to 30 months old.  They reminded parents to notify their staff if they are comfortable with their team changing their babies' diapers.

According to the website, only females 18 years old and above are allowed to change diapers. The team informed parents they would notify them if their kid cried for over 15 minutes. 

The church assured that they welcome parents to stay with them, but often parents want to see if their child is having a rough time. 

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