Atlanta Churches, faith-based orgs offer health care

Churches aim to provide its members and community health care. (Photo by Antoni Shkraba from Pexels)

A healthcare program in the church could encourage healing and healthy living. United Church of Christ pointed out that churches have a mission to their members and community to provide a ministry for health.

Though they may need a variety of individuals, either paid or voluntary works, they should all be dedicated to sharing the love and grace of Jesus Christ. 

When the church prioritizes healthcare programs as vital parts of their congregations’ life, they could open doors for them to learn about wellness and prevent diseases. They could advocate healthy living by hosting seminars and workshops.

Churches could disseminate information about exercise, nutrition, and how members could deal with stress. 

Here are some churches and faith-based organizations in Atlanta that offer healthcare programs

Atlanta’s Salem Bible Church

Atlanta’s Salem Bible Church provides The Journey program for people who want to walk healthier for their mental, physical, and spiritual condition. The program includes courses on healing, change, empowerment, and development. 

Lisa Wallace, one of their members, turned to Atlanta’s Salem Bible Church when she decided to be healthier, as reported in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The website revealed that she was anxious since she was hypertensive. Most of her family members are taking medication for high blood pressure. 

By taking The Journey program, Wallace had lost ten pounds in six weeks, and her blood pressure decreased.  She emphasized on the website that she was a “living testimony.” 

While taking this program at Atlanta’s Salem Bible Church, Wallace also grew in her faith. She explained that the body, mind, and spirit are correlated.

People could not just pray everything away and God has instructed the people to take care of their temple since people only have one.

Pastor Joseph Williams' Holistic Approach

(Photo taken from The Champion Newspaper's website)

The Champion Newspaper website revealed that Pastor Joseph Williams pioneered The Journey, a 40-day process to change the mind, body, and spirit in 2011. After his injury in college, he ended his football career and started gaining weight.

He went from his athlete weight of 270 pounds to 330 pounds. Then he began experiencing health problems because of his weight.

The website stated that Williams had acute acid reflux and high cholesterol and was pre-hypertensive. 

He realized that he needed to lose weight and change his lifestyle.

Williams stated that The Journey is not a weight loss program, but losing weight is the by-product of holistic living. They teach one of their primary principles on how to have a healthy relationship with food.

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church’s Fitness Center

(Photo taken from Samson Health and Fitness Center’s Facebook page)

Dr. Jamal Bryant, the senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, stated that people are in a severe health crisis nationwide. He said these during the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the re-grand opening of their Samson Health and Fitness Center on January 12, 2020. 

On the Common Ground News website, Bryant said that African Americans are often listed in those staggering health statistics. He said that the primary reason for these cases is due to not having enough information available and access to high-standard healthcare.

The pastor emphasized that New Birth Missionary Baptist Church is dedicated to bringing awareness to these issues and providing a way to help deal with some preventive and controllable health problems. 

Moreover, they opened an incredible fitness facility highlighting its 80,000 feet of workspaces featuring four complete basketball courts, speed and agility areas, and a weight room. The place also has a cardio area, group classroom, and snack bar. 

Ebenezer Baptist Church

(Photo by Richard Ducree or Bronson Woods from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's website)

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution revealed that Ebenezer Baptist Church offers s “Faith and Fitness” group, where they gather on Saturday mornings. Church members walk, run, and jog around the city.

In addition, the church rents gym space in an area owned by Atlanta City. The doctors and nurses who are church members lead the health ministry at Ebenezer Baptist Church. 

Rev. Bronson Elliot Woods, associate pastor and leader of Young Adults and Outreach, said they have various monthly health focus. They could focus on mental and physical health. For example, they concentrated on HIV/AIDS awareness. 

Atlanta Churches works with American Heart Association.

Some churches in Atlanta, including Elizabeth Baptist Church, Greater Springfield Baptist Church, and World Changers Church International, participated in the EmPOWERED & Well Healthier Church Challenge. 

According to Atlanta Journal-Constitution, American Heart Association and Weight Watchers (WW) International launched the challenge. 

The challenge seeks to support and enhance black women's ongoing health and wellness programs and faith-based communities. American Heart Association revealed on the Newsroom website that research shows that black women have three times the risk of sudden death than white women. 

American Heart Association is a worldwide nonprofit organization focused on heart and health. The website explained that the challenge is a 12-week pilot program that would strengthen participants with weekly mentoring and science-based health education. 

Lakeview Seventh-day Adventist Church

(Photo taken from Lakeview Seventh Day Adventist Church’s Facebook page)

Lakeview Seveth-day Adventist Church has a health ministry that advocates a healthy lifestyle from a Biblical view. The church acknowledges that taking good care of their health is a way to express their faith. 

They offer leadership concerning the health counsel in the writings of Ellen White and additional reliable research.

Moreover, the Lakeview Health Ministry serves church members and their neighboring community. 

Kenny Henry mentioned on the church’s website that his family follows the biblical way of eating as much as they can. They use a lot of grains, beans, and vegetables with other related food.

They eat food that would improve their healthy lifestyle and boost their immune system. Heny emphasized the vital role of drinking water as part of their healthy lifestyle. 

Meanwhile, Esther King, another church member, highlighted that she is working on maintaining her schedule with her daily activities, like getting up and worshiping. She also exercises at lunch and gets eight to nine hours of sleep.

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