Mount Paran Church to host annual bake sale

Mount Paran Worship will hold its annual bake sale. (Photo taken from Mount Paran Church’s website)

Mount Paran (MP) Church will hold its annual MP Worship Bake Sale on Sunday, April 2, from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The church’s website announced that members would enjoy a feast of treats made by local artisans and the MP Choir and Orchestra. 

Besides, they said that all collected funds would proceed to the MP Worship ministry. 

The church posted that the members could stop by the Great Hall on Sunday to enjoy Palm Sunday.

MP Worship

In another section, Mount Paran Worship noted that they unite to make music that leads individuals into God’s presence. 

The church explained that one of their top priorities is for their music and arts ministry to lead them in worship.

They added that they offer musical opportunities for all generations with choirs, ensembles, and bands so those interested could use their musical talents to serve God.

Moreover, Mount Paran Church mentioned that they offer music lessons through their academy of the arts.

Need for Worship Team

Beyond Sunday Worship website explains factors why churches need worship teams. They emphasized that the worship team is crucial as long as God is valuable.

The website noted that people need to experience God’s glory. They said that the gatherings are about God’s glory. The music they make as a worship team helps to draw an image of God’s glory, as mentioned on the website. 

According to the website, God’s glory is too big, epic, and extraordinary for them to think about it and discuss it simply. Beyond Sunday Worship stresses that people need to encounter it. 

Tim Keller said that if people cannot visualize the truth, they don’t understand it in their hearts.

Moreover, the website states something happens when an artist hears about God’s glory and their heart lights on fire. The singers that God is equipping are not just passionate about their creation but also have a driving passion for witnessing Jesus glorify. 

The art the members bring to the worship team is a gift to show the wonder, beauty, and glory of God.

In addition, music helps people remember the truth. The website pointed out that the beauty of corporate worship and their responsibility as a worship team is to help people remember the fact.

According to them, worship teams are curators of theology. They said they were making a liturgy and offering a language for the church to sing.

The website stated that worship teams are more than just a dynamic outlet for Christian musicians. Their goal is not to be creative, but to know, believe, declare, and internalize the truth, as the website emphasizes. 

In his book Worship Matters, Bob Kauflin said that if the church’s theology was rooted entirely in the songs of people's schools, the congregation might not know who God is.

More importantly, the website said that worship leaders have the honor and accountability of designing the theology of the generations. They mentioned that worship changes people. The song they sing could impact people. 

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