Atlanta Dream Center Church immerses into homelessness

Pastor Paul Palmer and other members of Atlanta Dream Church experience homelessness for 71 hours. (Photo taken from Atlanta Dream Church’s Facebook page)

Atlanta Dream Center Church annually runs 71 Hours of Miracle with the homeless to bring awareness.

The church’s website revealed that Pastor Paul Palmer celebrates his annual birthday by being homeless for the said hours.

Unique Birthday Celebration

Atlanta Dream Center Church revealed that Palmer only has a five-dollar bill, a towel, and a pillow. 

According to them, Walker would be walking the streets of Old Fourth Ward. Then he would sleep under the city-lit sky and be with the people he served for 20 years.

Bringing Awareness

The website emphasized that the impact of purpose is not a secret this year, 2023. Most people want to do something valuable through donating and volunteering at the church.

As further mentioned, Atlanta Dream Center desires to offer people a chance to support financially with time at the church and be part of the fantastic initiative in 2023.

Moreover, the website emphasized that being homeless in 72 hours is to give awareness that the church is alive. 

They seek to show the world that the church is passionate about going the distance to reach those lost in sin and deprivation. 

In addition, Atlanta Dream Center wants to give them the hope of Jesus. 

They explained that they were not ashamed of their real goal, that the world would witness the light and come after it.

More importantly, the church mentioned that they are not an average church. They revealed that they spend more hours in the street supporting vulnerable people than sitting in their pews.

The church recognized its supporters because of their cheerfulness in giving.

Mission, Vision of Atlanta Dreamer Church

In another section, Atlanta Dreamer Church highlights its goal: to witness its vision be fulfilled. 

They explained that they would attain their desire through worship, discipleship, fellowship, and outreach.

Moreover, the church stressed that they seek to see all people transformed by Jesus once they enter the church. They want them to grow in their faith and walk in God’s plans.


According to the church’s video on its Facebook page, homelessness is not about somebody without a house or someplace to lay their head or a place to call the shelter.

Palmer noted that some people might live in a mansion but still would feel spiritually homeless. He emphasized that the issues in people’s hearts could cause them homelessness.

In addition, he mentioned that most people without homes might have bad luck in their working field. Also, some are trapped in addiction or suffering from mental illness.

Palmer stated that homelessness is not the problem but the reason that brings people to that homelessness. 

He emphasized that it is not just for those living in a tent, in the street, or under a bridge. 

However, he stressed that this issue is about men and women who are broken somehow inside. They could not experience the extent of God’s promise because the door had been locked.

Moreover, the lock hinders the Holy Ghost from ministering to the level of completeness. 


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