Second Ponce De Leon Baptist Church to host canned fruit drive

Second Ponce De Leon Baptist Church will focus its mission on canned fruit drive for Toco Hills Community Alliance throughout April. (Photo taken from Second Ponce De Leon Baptist Church's website)

Second Ponce De Leon Baptist Church (SPDL) will hold a canned fruit drive for Toco Hills Community Alliance (THCA) on Saturday, April 1.

The church’s website noted that THCA is a group of believers and other partners collaborating to help families and individuals in Northeast Atlanta. They offer emergency food and clothing. 

Besides, the group had helped in excellent economic stability and self-reliant community connections for groups and individuals to serve their neighborhoods.

The church mentioned that they would collect canned fruits throughout April. They said that the collection bins would be in the Welcome Center.

Church's Missions

In another section, SPDL aims to take the gospel to the “whole person,” as Jesus showed during his earthly ministry. They want to achieve this by integrating partnerships and hands-on service.

According to them, their mission efforts are engaged in local and global projects. They explained that their intentional connections with these areas provide relationships through collaboration, service, and prayer. 

As for the church’s focus mission in April, they would center their initiatives on donating canned fruits to THCA.

Missions' Approach

The same website highlights the three primary approaches of SPDL. First is a partnership. They explained that the church intentionally identifies and works with those serving God’s people. Besides, they mentioned that they care for people’s physical, psychological, and spiritual being.

Secondly, SPDL noted that they host and work with various initiative service opportunities. This mission includes delivering flowers weekly to shut-ins, collecting food for local pantries, and hosting an after-school program to support children in Miami, Florida.

The church knew that not all people could financially contribute to or go on to the mission service outings.

They maintain an active prayer support system for their missions so that others can feel an active part in serving God’s people.

About Toco Hills Community Alliance

The THCA website revealed that the group is a food pantry where neighbors are helping each other. They emphasized that the group aims to fight against food insecurity.

It explained that they had served about 40,000 individuals with almost a million pounds of groceries in 2022.

They added that from the first six months to the last six months of last year, they found a 40% rise in the number of families coming for services. 

Moreover, they stated that in 2022, the group had served 14 632 households by offering 921 639 pounds of groceries. 

According to them, each family had an average of 63 pounds of groceries weekly. They noted that these groceries include fresh produce, meat, bread, and dairy. 

In addition, THCA also gave out 4,262 hot meals, 505 hygiene kits, and 22,404 articles of clothing to their unsheltered friends.

Hunger Walk Run, Volunteer

Meanwhile, THCA encouraged people to help them by joining the Hunger Walk Run. This event aims to raise funds to cover their food expenses for 2023. 

They noted that they could collect donations through March 31. They highlighted, “Help us over the finish line!”

Moreover, the website said they welcome volunteers, particularly during the holidays. They explained that it is an excellent opportunity for students to get service hours.


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