Impact Church to host free health programs during spring

Impact Church will hold free exams, fitness courses, and services for wellness and care during its Spring into Health event. (Photo taken from Impact Church’s website)

Impact Church will host the Spring in Health on Sunday, March 26, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The church’s website announced that there would be free biometric health exams and other tests. They added that they would offer free fitness, soul care, and cooking courses.

They posted that members could enjoy their Kickball team and group for 60 years old and above. They added that the church prepared fresh produce from Odom Farms and many giveaways.

Spring into Health

According to the website, the program starts with free fitness classes then the Blueprint for wellness clinic opens. 

In addition, participants could avail themselves of the biometric health exams, free physicals, flu vaccines, and COVID-19 vaccines in the morning. Then, they could learn more in the fitness courses in the afternoon.

As further explained, these courses are open for all ages. Beyond the Floor would discuss stretching and pilates. Also, as added on the website, TissFit would share chair exercises, then BK would teach the participants Mini-Bootcamp. 

Moreover, Raquel Thomas would lead the restorative yoga, as mentioned on the website.

The website also highlighted its sponsors and vendors to make the event possible. Their partners include Tissfit, American Red Cross, Go Kickball, Beyond Floor, and Soul Care.

More importantly, they posted the Health and Wellness Screenings and Test and Vaccine providers such as Sister Love, Core, Wellness Clinic, and Dr. Adreinne.

Church’s Vision

In another section, the Impact Church noted that they desire to be an inclusive gathering of individuals dedicated to “holistic salvation.” They said that they want to be a community of believers following Jesus’ work in the world. 

Moreover, they seek to change lives and communities as they create an impact on the world. The church’s holistic beliefs are spiritual, relational, and professional, as the website explains. They said they serve the people through financial, physical, and emotional approaches.

About Soul Care

Soul Care is one of the sponsors of the health program. According to its website, they offer Christian counseling and spiritual direction services to people. 

Dr. Larry Crabb, an author, clinical psychologist, and spiritual director of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), stressed that counselors at Soul Care provide what he believes the people need. 

He mentioned that Soul Care offers an intimate understanding of the power of the Gospel to change humans’ interior worlds. He added that Gospel’s power gives a warm sensitivity to knowing the inner world. 

Crabb emphasized that Soul Care’s ministry is worthy of people’s trust.

Seeking Help through Soul Care

The website explained that people could ask for support through Soul Care if they are in pain, confusion, despair, or even if their heart feels numb. They understand that some people long for something genuinely practical that could change their interior world and relationships.

At Soul Care, they aim to be more than Christian counselors.

According to them, they lead psychological healing and spiritual transformation through a unified Christian Counseling and Spiritual Direction process. 

More importantly, they noted that they take Jesus’ words seriously, and people could experience freedom and rest amidst pain and confusion. 


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