Grace Midtown Church starts course on building emotional connections

Grace Midtown Church started its GROW Courses to help members build emotional connections with others. (Photo taken from Grace Midtown Church’s website)

Grace Midtown Church started the GROW: Relationship Course on Sunday, March 19.

The church’s website states that the class would be an opportunity to train members to establish emotionally healthy relationships with people around them.

GROW: Relationship Course

Grace Midtown Church believes that God is a community that includes the Father, Son, and Spirit. They explained that people are created in this image and designed for the community. 

In this weekly Sunday course, the church would help the participants discover resources to develop healthy living with the people around them, as further noted on the website. They added that they would explore emotional awareness, conflict transformation, limitations, and more. 

According to another section, Grow Class is intended to nurture members to become more aware of God daily. They said that these classes are in-depth and need focus. 

Besides, the church mentioned that they would discuss subjects central to one’s walk of learning to follow and be renewed by Jesus. 

They explained that they would provide eight classes in lecture and discussion format over the next two years for three consecutive weeks on Sunday mornings.

The course would end on April 2, as posted on the website.

Church’s Mission, Values

Grace Midtown Church emphasized on another webpage that they seek to encourage everyone to “become awake” to God. 

Moreover, as part of its values, the church noted that they Plum the Depths. They admitted that they are unsatisfied individuals with simply going with the flow of life, God, self, and relationships. 

The church stressed that they rely on the Spirit and meditate on God’s Word. They added that they bravely discovered the depths of their story and identity.

In addition, the website highlighted that “Awaken the Dream” is one of the church’s values. At Grace Midtown Church, they are dreamers believing that God has put a dream in their hearts. As a response, they are dedicated to knowing and pursuing God’s plans. 

They are committed to inspiring, investing, and strengthening God’s plan for others.

The church stated that they are willing to Press the Edges as they firmly follow Jesus in renewing their minds. They believe God’s Word and His Spirit challenge their biases, provoke their potential, and defy their fears as they commit to God.

More importantly, Grace Midtown Church emphasized that they are vision-oriented. They said that they are ambitious in those God is raising. They explained that they do not rely on their positions, influence, and tools but imitate a Savior who lived and led with the words.

Part of Grace Family

According to the Grace Family website, Grace Midtown Church is one of the ten churches that belong to their family. They explained that these churches share one vision, values, doctrine, and resources. 

The website revealed that the Grace Fellowship originated in 1983 to express Bible's teaching and make disciples. 

They said that their calling became vivid over time and knew that Jesus invited them on a mission with him to reach out to their neighborhoods, nations, and the next generation to become His disciples.

In addition, they said that Grace started planting other churches as their leaders multiplied. They emphasized that they seek to be a family of churches that share the same foundation, connections, and resources.


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