Crabapple First Baptist Church’s member gets accused of shooting incident

Robert Aaron Long, an active member of Crabapple First Baptist Church, gets accused of shootings at a massage parlor. (Photo by Nicole Craine from The New York Times)

Crabapple First Baptist Church’s member, Rober Aaron Long, was accused on Tuesday, March 16, of shootings at a massage parlor in Cherokee Countee and two more in northeast Atlanta. 

The Baptist Press website revealed that the church elders issued a statement the next day, telling about their grief after a series of shootings in the Atlanta area that resulted in eight individuals' deaths. 

Besides, the elders emphasized that they were “heartbroken” and asked for God’s work for the victims and their families. They also pray for the family of Long, as stated on the news.

Elimination of Temptations

Long regarded the massage parlors as “a temptation he wanted to eliminate,” as Jay Baker, a spokesman for the Cherokee Country sheriff’s office, mentioned. He noted that Long told them he intended to go to massage parlors that he patronized.

According to Long, he had a sexual addiction. 

In addition, Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds said six victims were Asian women, but the attacks may not be “racially motivated.” Reynolds stated that Long said it had nothing to do with race when they asked him about it.

Moreover, the report revealed that Long’s parents helped the police to capture their son. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution stated that the law enforcement officials contacted them after security images of the shooting suspect were released to the public. 

As further stated, the police tracked the Hyundai Tucson that Long was driving. They found out that Long had a 9 MM firearm. The police added that he bought the pistol from a gun store earlier Tuesday.

Blaming His Sinful Heart, Corrupted Mind

The New York Times website revealed that Crabapple First Baptist Church strictly forbids premarital sex. They added that Long had previously entered a Christian rehab clinic to fight against his addiction. 

Moreover, the church stated that the attack resulted from Long’s sinful heart and corrupted mind. They explained that this wicked action rebelled against their Holy God and His Word. 

Crabapple First Baptist Church said that the incident was complete disapproval of their faith and practices. They emphasized that Long’s actions were entirely unacceptable and contrary to the gospel.

According to the church’s statement, they blame Long for his actions. They revealed that the women he asked for sexual acts are not accountable for his perverse sexual longingness, nor do they bear any blame for these murders. 

The church said his actions result from a sinful heart and depraved mind for which Aaron is entirely responsible.”


According to the New York Times website, Long and his family have been active in the conservative evangelical church for many years. 

They added that Long was baptized in the church as an adult in 2018, based on the church’s Facebook post, which they had already deleted.

In addition, Crabapple First Baptist Church stated on Friday that they started the process of “church discipline” to remove Long from its membership.

The church emphasized that they were working with law enforcement as they deeply felt sorry about the fear and pain of Asian Americans due to Long’s unacceptable actions.


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