Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, Georgia invites public to order Christmas poinsettia

Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, Georgia, invited the public to order Christmas poinsettia. (Photo taken from Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church’s Facebook post)

Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, Georgia, invited the public to order Christmas poinsettias.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Nov. 17, the church encouraged people to think about placing an order for a Christmas poinsettia in someone's honor or memory this holiday season.

For the Christmas Eve service on Saturday, Dec. 24, poinsettias will be put in the sanctuary, according to the church. Afterward, on Christmas Sunday, Dec. 25, everyone can take them home, the church said.

It added poinsettias cost $13 each.

The church informed that people may order by phoning the office at (404-233-5469), sending an email to office@opcbrookhaven.org, or placing an order online at https://forms.gle/JGrsnEFXR6D4oXdv6 until Wednesday, Dec. 14.

Additional information can be found on Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church’s Facebook post.

Pastoral Care

Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church claimed that it was their responsibility to support happy or sad families and that the congregation's ability for pastoral care needed to be increased.

It provided other examples, including home communion, visits, meals, travel, and sending cards.

At Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church, they said the opportunity for spiritual development while building social connections is strongly appreciated.

They want to make it possible for people to investigate, rekindle, and nourish their religious convictions by holding Sunday morning events and other possibilities.

Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church said it is expected to follow the rules outlined in the Book of Order because it is a member congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA), according to the church's website.

Each of the church's six teams—Connect, Grow, Serve, and Belong (Vision Support), Stewardship—reportedly has a session leader serving as co-chair. All of these teams share the church's mission statement as a unifying principle.

It was also underlined that the care ministry is overseen by the deacons of the Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church.

Sunday Services

Additionally, it stated that every week for 15 minutes, the Sunday services would be streamed live on Facebook using Zoom. The church declared in a statement that it would now accept internet comments.

In the most recent week's worship videos, the church provided information for those who do not use Facebook.

Although such films are still available there, it was claimed that viewers might return to the church's Facebook page to view page changes.

Additionally, it instructed viewers to visit facebook.com/opcbrookhaven/videos to view the videos on the church's Facebook page.

On the church's website, the worship services at Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church are described as relaxed, aesthetically expressive, and thoughtful.

The church claimed that hymns are frequently sung while an organ or piano is playing in the background. However, occasionally more modern music is performed.

The chancel choir practices every Sunday at 9:45 a.m., according to the Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church, and sings an anthem at church services on Sundays.

The handbell choir was said to practice every Wednesday at 6:45 a.m., it was added.

The church said that once a month one of its members will perform during the Sunday morning service.

According to Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church, the church should benefit from the use of the local community's musical talents.


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