Seven Hills Church invites individuals, families to Easter celebration

Seven Hills Church invites individuals and families to participate in their Easter celebration. (Photo by Gabe Pierce from Unsplash)

Seven Hills Church invited individuals and families to join them this Easter as it celebrates Jesus. The services include worship, a message from their senior pastor, Marcus Mecum, as well as activities for all age groups.

Easter Celebration

Seven Hills Church has several locations in Ohio and Kentucky, including Cincinnati, Dry Ridge, and Florence. It also holds online services.

The church invited everyone to their special Easter services that cater to the entire family.

According to Local 12, the services include worship, Senior Pastor Marcus Mecum's message, and activities for all age groups.

With the Easter service schedule spread across four sessions on Saturday and Sunday, the church is looking to bring together as many people as possible to celebrate the occasion with their loved ones.

For those in the Florence area, the church has an additional service on Friday, April 7th, to accommodate more attendees. This schedule will provide more flexibility for families who may have other plans for Easter Sunday.

The Easter services promise to be a memorable event, filled with joyful worship, a heartwarming message, and fun activities for the entire family.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their friends and family to the services and to enjoy the spirit of Easter together.

Seven Hills Church is also bringing an exciting Easter experience for children in 0-6th grade.

The event will include worship, interactive teaching, and a massive Easter egg hunt, with thousands and thousands of eggs waiting to be found after each service.

The church is hosting this special event at every location, ensuring that children from all over can participate in the fun.

Families who attend an Easter service at any of the Seven Hills Church locations will receive admission and directions to the egg hunt.

Seven Hills Church

Seven Hills Church aims to center around reaching the unchurched population in their community.

The church believes that everyone deserves to experience God's love and is committed to providing a welcoming environment for those who may be seeking something more.

It is dedicated to letting the unchurched determine its growth and is relentless in its pursuit of multiplying Heaven and disciplining Christ-followers.

While its message never changes, the church understands that its methods may need to shift to reach people, and they are not religious about its approach.

Seven Hills Church also believes in the importance of committing to the House of God and protecting the vision.

The church strives to be known for what they are for and not what it is against, focusing on unity and proclaiming the solution to sin.

It also places a strong emphasis on excellence, in everything they do, from its ministry to children and young people to the cleanliness of its building.

Seven Hills Church is also committed to providing 5-star service, striving to avoid average and pursue excellence in all aspects of its ministry.

At Seven Hills Church, everyone has a platform, and everyone has a calling.

The church encourages people to use their gifts and talents to reach others for Christ and to leave a legacy for the next generation.

Its members are passionate about setting up the next generation for a better opportunity, recognizing that the church is always one generation away from extinction.

Through its core values, Seven Hills Church is committed to creating a welcoming, loving, and excellent environment for all who seek to know God.


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