Christ Journey Church plans to build new church

Christ Journey Church plans to build a new church. (Photo by Em Hopper from Pexels )

Christ Journey Church plans to use the sale money to construct a new church on a 6.3-acre land adjacent to the development site.

New Church Establishment

According to CRE Expertise, the proposed new house for Christ Journey Church would have a total area of 45,207 sq. ft., less space than the church's current location at 624 Anastasia Ave., Coral Gables, which has 60,652 sq. ft. 

Christ Journey is reportedly following in the footsteps of other Christian religious organizations that are downsizing and selling off assets in South Florida to developers. 

One of the buildings was a historic church in the Edgewater neighborhood of Miami that sold for $20 million.

As mentioned, Christ Journey sold 13.5 acres of undeveloped land close to the Palmetto Expressway on Southwest 72nd Street, also referred to as Sunset Drive to CC Homes.

In January, the Miami-Dade Kendall Community Council, which is one of ten local zoning boards in unincorporated neighborhoods throughout the county, granted approval to CC Homes' application to develop 26 single-family homes and a new church, in addition to preserving 2 acres of existing forest land next to the proposed development. 

It was reportedly done to meet the county's Comprehensive Plan requirements. According to the records kept by the county, CC Homes and Christ Journey Church have submitted a formal agreement in which they commit to sharing roadways and other infrastructure.

The development will be known as Estates at Sunset, and the price for each lot will be $509,615.

CC Homes, which has its headquarters in Coral Gables, is recognized as one of the most prolific builders of upscale single-family home communities in South Florida. 

The company has been responsible for ten developments of this kind in the counties of Miami-Dade and Broward. It is in the process of creating three other communities at present. 

Christ Journey Church

Christian Journey Church was established in 1926 right across the street from the University of Miami as a dream that would unify the city and the world under the grace of a loving God. 

A resilient group has pursued life with eternal significance and effect. Following a severe hurricane in 1926, the church was reconstructed. Since then, the people have become stronger.

They minister in many different parts of the world, helping those who have HIV/AIDS, teaching those who are illiterate, providing clothing and food to those who are lacking in resources, and constructing churches, schools, and medical facilities.

It also provides funding for orphanages, rescues children from a life of prostitution, responds to natural disasters, and takes the gospel to parts of the world that are unreached and hostile.

As mentioned, the church is a diverse community of flawed individuals pursuing God's perfection. They are disciples of His Son, Jesus Christ. They desire their lives to have an eternal impact on their families in Miami and worldwide.

They seek to establish lasting relationships with people from all walks of life, regardless of where they are on their spiritual path. They want God's love and unique work to define them in each of their lives.


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