Desert City Church to join global run for clean water campaign

Desert City Church members will join the World Vision 6K run for clean water to support the vulnerable children worldwide. (Photo taken from Desert City Church’s Facebook page)

Desert City Church will join the Global 6K World Vision event on Saturday, March 25.

The church’s Facebook page announced they would run, walk, or skip for clean water. They encouraged its members to register to help provide clean water to someone forever. 

The World Vision website revealed that thousands of individuals worldwide would join in their mission to transform a life. They said that they aim to bring life-changing clean water and fullness of life to kids in communities worldwide.

As further mentioned, every registered participant could offer lasting clean water to a kid like a child on their race bib. The organization seeks to raise $1,000. As of now, the website reported that they had raised $335.

Valuable Race Bib

In another section, World Vision emphasized the significance of the participants’ race bibs. They pointed out that it is not an ordinary race bib since its the image of hope for a future spent no longer gathering dirty water.

The website said that every participant's “6K” would help thousands of children like the one on their bib to go to school and have more time to enjoy their childhood. 

Moreover, they posted the ways to use the bib. First, the participants should put their bibs in a place where they can see them. These ways could help them be reminded of the sweet face in the days leading up to the 6K.

Besides, World Vision said they could share these bibs by inviting their friends and family to walk or run 6K with them. They could also use their social media accounts by posting photos of their bib with others, as added on the website.

In addition, the participants could pin it on their shirts on race day to remind them that every step counts. Lastly, they posted that they could keep their bibs as a memory of saving a life.

The website mentioned that participants could develop a deeper relationship with the child on their bib by becoming their sponsor.

Bigger Picture

Meanwhile, the organization emphasized that those in a World Vision community would realize that water is just the beginning of a bigger image.

As further explained, people could see nutrition, health, schooling, occupations, and more developments if they looked around. They pointed out that all these efforts are made possible through the programs they have, like child sponsorship.

According to the website, sponsors could develop their connection with the kid on their bib beyond the 6K. They said that they could join their child sponsorship program. 

They could support them for $39 per month to ensure their good health, education, and protection.

They said that they could share letters, pictures, prayers, and more. 

World Vision stressed that incredible things are on the horizon, and they look forward to people who would like to join in that journey.

World Vision Initiatives

The same website revealed that 89% of World Vision’s total operating expenses were utilized for programs that impact vulnerable children, families, and communities. 

In addition, they explained that seven percent came from their fundraising activities and four percent from the management.


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