God’s Garden Preschool of Ahwatukee in Phoenix, Arizona opens hiring for part-time teachers

The God’s Garden Preschool of Ahwatukee opened the hiring for part-time teachers (Photo taken from the official website of God’s Garden Preschool of Ahwatukee)

God’s Garden Preschool of Ahwatukee in Phoenix, Arizona announced that it is hiring part-time teachers.

The preschool made the announcement on a Facebook post on Tuesday, Aug. 9.

According to the school’s post, those interested in making a difference in the lives of young children and who have a passion for spreading God’s love will be in the right position for them.

It said it hires a part-time toddler teacher who will be working every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning and a part-time afternoon stay and play a teacher who will be on duty from 2:45 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. daily.

The school said there is no experience required, and the position is perfect for high school juniors and seniors.

According to the post, God's Garden Preschool is devoted to offering a joyful and encouraging Christian learning environment that fosters spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth through a child-centered, discovery-based curriculum as an outreach of Horizon Presbyterian Church.

Planning and carrying out an educational program in accordance with the Center's educational objectives and tenets for children is the responsibility of the teachers, the post read.

The same post said to educate young children in all developmental areas using a variety of developmentally appropriate resources.

Interested applicants may contact the school for more information at 480-460-0081 or directorgodsgarden@horizonchurch.com.

Child-centered, Parent-oriented

God's Garden Preschool in Phoenix, Arizona is a parent- and child-centered partner in helping the child grow in the heart, mind, and spirit in a Christ-centered setting, according to the church's website

The Christian school said it instructs the pupils to treat everyone in the community with love and respect, modeled by Jesus' love for young children.

The Christian preschool said it keeps the student-to-teacher ratio low so that they may concentrate on their child's growth and individual requirements. 

Additionally, all teachers are highly qualified, and the director holds a Ph.D. in early education, according to the website. 

As a result, the church expressed confidence that its money will go toward a preschool where the children will learn crucial Christian principles.

COVID-19 Protocols

According to the school, in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, they continue to adhere to the following rules:

Students and staff will be sent home if they have a fever above 100°, chills, body aches, a cough, congestion, runny nose, or shortness of breath.

Higher handwashing was also encouraged, and the school added that coverings or face masks are not required.

The website said it increased efforts to sanitize, disinfect, and clean the surroundings.

The school said it values their ongoing assistance in assisting and maintaining the security of God's Garden Preschool. 

According to the website, they are aware that this year has seen a lot of additional developments that necessitate extra caution and focus. 

As they navigate this unexpected and ever-changing time, they appreciate your cooperation and understanding. 

All year long, they will keep them informed of any adjustments and make policies and practices, it added. 


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