Sun Lakes United Church of Christ hosts Lenten-giving project

The mission team members of the Sun Lakes United Church of Christ delivered the truckload of items collected to UMOM UMOM New Day Centers. (Photo taken from Southwest Conference United Church of Christ’s website)

Sun Lakes United Church of Christ's Mission Team led the congregation on a Lenten Giving Project for three weeks, from Feb. 25 to March 11.

The Southwest Conference United Church of Christ website posted that this mission would benefit two agencies the church has supported for many years. They informed members that they gathered items for UMOM New Day Centers for the first three weeks of Lent.

As further mentioned, the church collected women’s personal hygiene products, infant care items, and cleaning supplies for the UMOM. 

Besides, during the last three weeks of Lent, they would collect things for Justa Center.

UMOM New Day Centers

According to the UMOM New Day Centers website, the organization redeems hope and reestablish lives by offering shelter, job training, education, and health and wellness services for families and homeless women. 

They noted that they serve over 800 families and 800 single ladies annually.

Jackson Fonder, the organization’s CEO, stated in another section that everyone deserves dignity, respect, and shelter regardless of status. He explained it is the driving force behind every effort they make.

Besides, he said they spend daily working to realize their vision. 

Moreover, the website stressed that they seek to end family homelessness by redeeming hope and rebuilding lives. 

As part of their core values, they pursue development and solutions by exploring ways to improve. They added that they value elevation as they focus on individuals. UMOM New Day Centers carry each other with kindness, empathy, and respect, as the website notes.

According to them, they have innovative leaders working together to solve significant issues. Besides, they said their efforts continue once all families have a secure place to call home.

About Justa Center

Meanwhile, the Justa Center website explained the meaning behind its name. They said that Justa was a woman who needed help, but no one was responding to her needs. 

As further said, her daughter has a mental illness, and as a single mom, she could not care for her child and keep her job. She eventually lost their house and became homeless. She then asked anyone and everyone for help, but no one helped her. 

According to the website, she learned about a respected healer nearby and went to find him. She just kept moving along the street, begging people so she could talk to the healer. The website said some ignored her, yelled, cursed, and spit on her.

Moreover, other people discussed how those people should not be there. When she asked for help, the healer was kind but not helpful and told her it was not yet the right time for him to help the woman.

The website emphasized what Justa asked the healer “if dogs can eat the scraps off the healer’s table, does she not deserve that much?”

Then, the healer was challenged and changed his belief. He told her that the woman’s faith would heal her daughter.

The website revealed that Justa had the boldness to ask Jesus for help. When she was rejected, she challenged his answer and became the first non-Israelite woman to enter into what would become Christianity.


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