Faith Center celebrates Pastor Vincent Campbell’s birthday

Pastor Vincent Campbell, the founder of the Faith Center, celebrated his birthday. (Photo taken from Faith Center’s Facebook page)

Faith Center celebrated Pastor Vincent Campbell’s birthday on Sunday, March 12.

The church’s Facebook page encouraged its members to wish Campbel a joyful birthday.

About Pastor Vincent Campbell

Campell and his wife Felicia pioneered The Faith Center, formerly known as Faith Praise & Worship Center. According to Vincent Campbell's website, the pastor began influencing their community through his kindness and benevolence. 

They emphasized that his ministry has blessed thousands through his preaching and teaching. From having three members, the church had incredible growth to hundreds of meetings every week to in 2008.

Moreover, Campbell has been touching thousands of lives through radio, television, and the local church. He is renowned for his teachings on faith attributes and the result of his robust and unshakeable faith in God in a short period. 

Throughout his journey, he has a supportive wife as a husband, father, pastor, author, business owner, and visionary leader.

Vincent Campbell Ministries 

The Vincent Campbell Ministries (VCM) seeks to impact Atlanta, America, and the world through having faith in Jesus Christ. 

Campbell emphasized, “I know that God has called me to be a teacher of the faith.” He added that he believes that God has chosen him to bring transformation. The website stated that though the mission would take tremendous work and passion, prayers and support from their partners could make it possible.

According to VCM, their initiatives are dedicated to helping people grow in their connection with Jesus through prayer, conference calls, messages, products, and teaching God’s Word. 

Those interested in joining the VCM mission could fill up the information on their website and receive their first partner correspondence. They said that partners would also have access to their newsletter or message. They could also check out unique products. 

More importantly, VCM noted that partners would be receiving prayer. They stated that their supporters are the heart of the ministry, and they pray that God’s abundance would be upon them. 

Privileges of Ministry Partners

The same website highlighted the benefits of their ministry partners. They said that their partners could get more online discounts. They could get ten percent off on unique products when they buy online. 

Also, they posted that supporters could have deeper price cuts on their featured items as “online specials.”

In addition, those who work with VCM could have Special Partner Letters to have a more personal ministry. They will give these letters straight from the desk of Campbell. They explained that it is a ministry through email, coming from what God is saying to Campell’s heart. 

Moreover, the website noted that they pray for their partners daily regardless of whether they ask for prayer requests. They believe in the power of prayer and that their partners are the backbone of their evangelistic efforts.

As further stated, knowing that people are saved, healed, and set free through their financial support and prayers is rewarding.

VCM emphasized that only Heaven would tell how many lives would be changed by their giving.

They added that as they become a Covenant Partner in world evangelism, they are helping individuals worldwide to discover Jesus. 

Through their support, people could have the chance to enjoy all the spiritual, physical, and financial advantages of a life rooted in Jesus’ unique, life-changing Word.


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