airfield Church of God helps homeless individuals ministry

An image of a homeless man with a dog. (Photo by Nick Fewings from Unsplash)

Fairfield Church of God in Fairfield, OH is helping homeless pregnant women living on the streets through the church's Bridge the Gap ministry. 

Bridge the Gap 

Fairfield Church of God stated that Jesus urges his followers throughout the canonical scriptures not to turn their backs on those who are in need. 

According to the church's post, Bridge the Gap Fairfield is a nonprofit organization that seeks to aid the underprivileged, especially the homeless pregnant women in Fairfield and the surrounding counties, by supplying them with food, clothing, and other necessities. 

On Tuesday nights, volunteers from Bridge the Gap Fairfield distribute food and clothing to those in need. On Wednesday nights, they hold worship services and provide free meals. On Thursday nights, they work with the Prostitution Outreach Ministry.

They also opened an Inner City School of Ministry in March. 

When there are sufficient funds, the Operation Compassion project of Fairfield Church provides assistance to individuals who have specific requirements, as per the post. 

Several projects are carried out throughout the year to assist those members of their community who are in need. However, without the financial support of God's people, none of this is possible.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care programs at the church place a considerable emphasis on discipleship and evangelism as well as community outreach. 

To be a "shepherd" or a keeper of God's flock is, nevertheless, at the heart of what the Pastoral Care program teaches its participants to do, according to the church.

Their pastors and leaders offer biblical counseling, make hospital visits to the sick and injured, and engage in discipleship activities with the community by calling in, meeting for lunch, and participating in other social activities.

In addition to this, members of their team act as chaplains in institutions such as hospitals, businesses, schools, and prisons. 

These are the times when spiritual breakthroughs take place, and the Pastoral Care program reaches out of its hands to facilitate them. 

Caring for people who are going through difficult times, being present during times of pain, and praying with someone who is in a crisis are all examples.

About Fairfield Church of God

Fairfield Church of God in Ohio welcomes anyone and everyone who is looking for a community where they can experience the grace and compassion of God and opens their doors to them. 

They are a spirit-filled church with a focus on the Kingdom of God that is committed to praising God, gaining souls, loving the lost, and making disciples.

According to its website, because of its devoted pastors and congregants, this church has been a beacon of spiritual light for hundreds of Christians at a time and a witness to others in the neighborhood.

Today, pastors Patrick and Melissa Owens ask everyone to join them as they create the next chapters in the productive history of this church together in partnership. 

Discover alongside them who God is shaping them to become and the places He is guiding them as they work to become disciples who know, grow, sow, and go in their respective vocations.

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