Fairfield Christian Academy offers rounded experience for young children

Little boys posed for a picture at Fairfield Christian Academy. (Photo taken from the official website of Fairfield Christian Church)

Fairfield Christian Academy (FCC) in Ohio offers a rounded experience to its students, helping them meet their various needs with the help of the resources the school provides. 

Enhancing Child's Future at Fairfield Christian Academy

Fairfield Christian Academy Childcare and Preschool provides its youngest students with a multifaceted education that caters to the variety of requirements of each individual student. 

According to the church's post, the mission of the school is to foster an environment of Christian love and values while imparting education in subject areas that will improve a child's potential for future academic achievement. 

The children in the care of the Childcare and Preschool Department range in age from six weeks to five years.

In 1998, Fairfield Christian Church established Fairfield Christian Academy as a ministry to serve the local community. 

When the school first opened its doors, there were roughly 200 students enrolled in addition to 20 teaching members. 

Today, as per the post, Fairfield Christian Academy counts more than 80 teachers and staff members among their more than 500 students, ranging in grade level from preschool all the way up to 12th. 

They want to bring glory to the Lord by inspiring their students to achieve academic achievement while maintaining a Christian environment.

Impacting Kids with Truth of Jesus Christ

The church's ministry for infants and children up through fifth grade is called KidsQuest

Children are cared for and supervised by members of the KQ team who join them they play, laugh, and learn in environments that are age-appropriate, fun, and creative. 

The environments may include music, media, games, and Bible stories.

According to the church, the KQ team made up of men, women, and teenagers from all walks of life who have a passion for both God and children is available through FCC. 

Before being allowed to serve in the children's ministry, each and every KQ team member is required to fill out an application, submit to routine background checks, and attend training in order to demonstrate that they are dedicated to the safety and protection of the children entrusted to their care.

About Fairfield Christian Church

Fairfield Christian Church is a place of worship that welcomes people of all ages and generations. 

At FCC, having an influence on every generation by sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ is not simply part of their mission statement; it is woven into the very fabric of their identity. 

They believe that in order to accomplish this, the first step is for them to love God, the second is to live in a community, and the third step is for them to use what they have learned about who God is and use it to serve the world around them.

In addition, as stated on its website, FCC is a sponsor of Fairfield Christian Academy, a Christian school located in the Central Ohio area that serves kids from preschool all the way through high school who come from a variety of local churches.

At FCC, one of their primary missions is to facilitate the development of each individual's connection with God. They have gathered some ideas of the steps that they can take to become closer to Him in order to accomplish this.

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