First Baptist Church of Glen Este to hold Bible study for men

First Baptist Church of Glen Este will hold a Bible study for men. (Photo taken from the official website of First Baptist Church of Glen Este)

First Baptist Church of Glen Este in Batavia, OH, will hold a Bible study for men on Friday, Dec. 2, at 8 a.m.

Men’s Bible Study 

Beginning in February 2022, First Baptist Church of Glen Este monthly holds a men's Bible study, which will be moved second Saturday of each month.

According to the church’s announcement, they will proceed with their study in the book of 1 Thessalonians and owing to the commencement of the Upward basketball season, the participants will gather in the Fireside Room for their meetings.

First Baptist Church of Glen Este requested that everyone make a commitment to attending the Bible study on a monthly basis as they begin the new year.

Their study, which is based on conversation, comes to a close with smaller groups that focus on practical application and prayer.

The church believes that in order for them to have a strong church, they must first have strong families; and in order for them to have robust families, they must have strong men who are strong on a spiritual level.

First Baptist Church of Glen Este said it does not pass judgment on anyone who chooses to attend. 

They aim to help men become more aware of the call that Christ has placed on their lives and to connect them to both God and other people so that their lives can be lived in service to God's purposes.

About First Baptist Church of Glen Este

People of the First Baptist Church of Glen Este in Batavia have a deep appreciation for the Bible, which is known as the Word of God. 

During their worship services, it is preached and studied in depth. They also invite anyone who is interested to come and be a part of them so that they can experience how God and His Word can improve their lives.

The members of First Baptist Church of Glen Este are of the opinion that God should be given the most attention during worship sessions. 

The services provide people with the chance to worship God in a corporate setting while also hearing and putting into practice the teachings of God's Word in their daily lives.

As stated on its website, First Baptist Church in Glen Este seeks to become familiar with Christ and then spread the news about who he is. 

They said they are committed to sharing the gospel message that Jesus is the one who saves, both with their immediate neighbors and with people from all around the world.

Ministries at First Baptist Church of Glen Este

The primary purpose of the ministries that were claimed to be geared toward children is to provide the spiritual groundwork upon which the children might build a transformed life. 

They assist children in becoming familiar with Jesus and maturing as followers of Christ under the direction of a staff of paid employees and volunteers whose heart is for children.

Also, helping people cultivate a relationship with Christ in the context of a supportive community is the goal of the Single Focus ministry, which has been developed especially to address the specific requirements of young adults in their college years who have had a wide range of life experiences.

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