New City Presbyterian Church to host church building for men

All men at New City Presbyterian Church were encouraged to join the New City Guys Barbekubb for a night of fun and fellowship. (Photo taken from the official website of New City Presbyterian Church)

New Presbyterian Church invited its male members to join them at the New City Guys Barbekubb on Sunday, Oct. 9, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Pavilion.

The church’s website noted that it would be an excellent opportunity for a church building for fellowship. They added it would be a night filled with food and games like Kubb, KanJam, and 9 Square in the Air.

New Presbyterian Church also said they prepare their favorite yard competition, such as the old dangerous classic Jarts. They reminded participants that they should not bring their Jarts because it is against the law now.

Besides, the church encouraged its members to bring their guy friends.

Hopes of New City

The church’s Story section stated that the New City Presbyterian Church desires to be a community where people are helping each other to redeem the city of Cincinnati. They look forward to seeing a place where individuals serve each other.

The same website revealed that few churches are still working compared to what they need to accomplish. As further explained, Jesus said there is a lot to harvest but few workers. 

New City Presbyterian Church said it is willing to work with other churches to proclaim the goodness of Jesus. As added on the website, they desire to participate with other believers to help their neighbors. 

Celebrate Jesus, Help Community

The church’s vision and mission page emphasized that the New City Presbyterian Church loves to declare God’s glory. They noted that they wanted to celebrate Jesus and help their community. 

The church members desire others to see God’s Kingdom and the love of Jesus through following the Gospel, as added on the website. 

In addition, they said that they seek to achieve their vision by becoming a bridge between the people to God. 

Daughter Church of North Cincinnati Community Church

According to the church’s connection page, New City Presbyterian Church is the daughter church of North Cincinnati Community Church (NCCC). The church stated that they had received vital support and motivation from NCCC. 

Meanwhile, the NCCC website states that it aims to glorify God and do good for others. They added that they are doing their best to be the bridge between Jesus and His church. They desire to be mature and trained disciples of Jesus, as posted on the website. 

Moreover, NCCC revealed that they seek to serve their church, community, and the world. They want to show God’s love to others, as further explained. 

NCCC’s Values

The same website highlighted that NCCC does not believe they are created for themselves. They emphasized that they are dedicated to demonstrating Jesus’ love through serving their neighbors. 

More importantly, the website said that they value relationships and think it is the key to change. As further explained, NCCC consists of various individuals to stay together in a “covenant community.” They mentioned that they could be inspired by others and care for them. 

NCCC believes that each member is a blessing by God regardless of age and life stages. 


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