The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer supports initiative on dementia inclusivity in Cincinnati

The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer supports the Dementia Inclusive Cincinnati Initiative. (Photo taken from the official website of The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer)

The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Cincinnati, OH supports and offers the Dementia Inclusive Cincinnati Initiative as part of its Health and Wellness Ministry. The project seeks to make the city more secure and friendly for those with dementia.

Dementia Inclusive Cincinnati Initiative

Dementia Inclusive Cincinnati is a coalition of public, private, and not-for-profit organizations initiated in 2017 by Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS). 

ERS intends to make Cincinnati the most dementia-inclusive city in the United States by the year 2025.

According to the church's post, the mission of the Dementia Inclusive Cincinnati effort is to make the community more friendly and secure for those with dementia.

Community partners and local companies have committed to increasing the chances for persons living with dementia and their care partners to boost their sociability and receive support through the provision of programs and activities, emphasizing involvement and inclusiveness.

It also stated that it is responsible for cultivating an environment of openness and tolerance, which will unquestionably improve the standard of living for people of all ages.

Education for the community to raise awareness and understanding of where people with dementia and their caregivers can live without fear of stigma or discrimination and supportive practices to improve the quality of life for those with dementia and their caretakers are all part of the initiative's goals.

About The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer

The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer makes it a point to reflect on the depth, width, and breadth of the love God possesses for them and lean into that love as much as possible.

According to the church’s website, they believe that the message of the cross is that God's love should be at the center of lives in the communities and the churches. 

When people tap into God's love for them, they will be able to express that love in various ways, including love for their God, love for their neighbors, and love for themselves.

It also stated that they desire to be rooted and grounded in the love and grace of God that is found in Christ Jesus. They want to preach Christ crucified with their feet and hands as much as with their mouths. 

They also want to live sacramental lives and engage with each other and their neighbors practically, with love in their hearts. 

Praying Alongside 2 Million Episcopalians

The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer is a congregation that follows the Episcopal faith. They join in worship and prayer with an additional 2 million Episcopalians in the United States and more than 85 million Anglican Christians across the world.

As the website stated, they do not limit the term "sister" and "brother" to those who attend the same kind of church, pray or worship in the same manner, or have the same beliefs. Rather, they apply it to all kinds of individuals.

It also means that they consider themselves to be Catholics as well as Protestants in many other ways.

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