Report: Rep. Lauren Boebert recommends ‘biblical citizenship training’ in public schools

In her interview, she reportedly said that the best thing to do in public schools right now is to implement mandatory ‘biblical citizenship training.’  (Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash)

A former Denver resident, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, has recently gone controversial again after her alleged statement recommending ‘biblical citizenship training’ in public schools.

The statement reportedly came from one of her interviews on the Christian news show ‘Flashpoint.’ 

Rep. Lauren Boebert on Improving Public Schools

According to the Pink News website, an LGBT-supported news agency, Rep. Lauren Boebert, was recently interviewed by ‘Flashpoint,’ a Christian news program under the channel of American televangelist Kenneth Copeland. 

In her interview, she reportedly said that the best thing to do in public schools right now is to implement mandatory ‘biblical citizenship training.’ 

As per a 15-second video circulated on Twitter, Representative Boebert recommended legislation requiring students to take the said biblical training.

There was no verified information on whether the video was real or not. But, based on the footage, a logo of the ‘Flashpoint’ program can be seen. 

At the end of her statement, the congresswoman shared that the biblical training could be a way for ‘things to turn around.’ 

As explained by Pink News, Representative Boebert might have gotten the idea of the biblical training from one of the ‘Flashpoint’ guests, the former Texas state legislator and owner of Patriot Academy, Rick Green.

The news site said that the Patriot Academy offers a course called “Biblical Citizenship in Modern America.”

According to them, the program reportedly teaches students mainly about the U.S. Constitution.

As per its website, the Patriot Academy maintains the goal of ‘inspiring patriotism, equipping citizens, and educating a nation.’

Its website also says that the group aims to restore the “Constitutional Republic and the Biblical principles that cause a Nation to thrive.”

It has a five-part strategy that reportedly achieves its ‘proven track record of excellence.’ 

  • Training people to understand and comprehend the government laws with the Biblical worldview included
  • Demonstrate principles that are in line with the Founding Fathers’ perspective
  • Teaching leadership skills to people through ‘intense hands-on training.’
  • Inspire people to be part of society in any ways
  • Teach participants to invite more people into the organization

As per the report, Representative Boebert allegedly said that she had taken the biblical course at the Patriot Academy. 

Representative Boebert’s Stance in Religion

Representative Boebert has no specific cited religion. However, she has been controversial recently due to her religious stance on different issues. 

Two months ago, Crossmap reported about Representative Boebert’s joke about defending gun rights.

She said at the time that Jesus Christ would not have died if He had ‘enough AR-15s.’

She was also featured in another Crossmap story, wherein she told the public that she was already tired of the separation of church and state law. 

That was the time when Roe v. Wade was overturned, and the congresswoman explained that the church should be superior to the government. 

“The church is supposed to direct the government. The government is not supposed to direct the church. That is not how our Founding Fathers intended it,” she said based on The Washington Post report in June. 

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