10 best Greater Houston retreat centers to meditate and improve your Christian faith

Greater Houston has some of the finest retreat centers where Christians can find peace and quiet to fortify their faith. Image: Silviu Sidaru|Unsplash

Every now and then, it’s ideal for any Christian to go to a quiet place that is well away from distractions. Being in a peaceful environment has been proven beneficial for many in emptying their hearts and minds of worries and other negative emotions hurting their faith.

Fortunately for Greater Houston Christians, there are many retreat centers in and around the area where one can meditate. Finding answers to your questions and fortifying your Christian beliefs is possible through meditation and relaxation.

Here are 10 Greater Houston retreat centers that would allow you to meditate and strengthen your Christianity:

1. Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center

Address: 430 Bunker Hill Rd.

Contact details: holyname@passionist.org | (713) 464.0211

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

This Catholic-run retreat center offers various options to serve different needs. Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center has weekend, recovery, silent, young adults, and married couples retreat programs. The center also takes pride in its 12-step recovery encounters and retreats that offer help to people dealing with an addiction. 

2. Houston’s First Baptist Chuch Hunt Retreat Center

Address: 34711 Hunt Rd., Fulshear, Texas

Contact details: Bill.Murrell@HoustonsFirst.org | (713) 303.6374 

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Houston’s First Baptist Church at 7401 Katy Fwy. runs the Hunt Retreat Center in Fulshear. This place for meditation sits on an expansive property with towering pecan trees all around, thus creating a genuinely calming and fortifying ambiance. There are nine bedrooms with 54 beds and 8,800 sq. ft. of fully air-conditioned living space. The center also has a full kitchen with dedicated staff and facilities for recreation. Learn about Hunt Retreat Center’s rules here to make your stay truly edifying for your faith.

3. Ruah Spirituality Center

Address: Villa de Matel, 6510 Lawndale St.

Contact details: Ruah@ccvi-vdm.org/lmalagon@ccvi-vdm.org | (713) 928.6053

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

The Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word in Houston manages the Ruah Spirituality Center. Its website says the center accepts overnight retreats of up to 15 guests. Individuals and groups may book a day or overnight stay at the retreat center and must present proof of complete vaccination against COVID. The center is primarily responsible for ‘planning for and welcoming individuals and groups who seek healing and intimacy with the Divine through an environment of beauty, quiet and reverence for all life.’

4. CYJ Retreat Center

Address: 121 Camp Young Judea Dr., Woodcreek, Texas

Contact details: info@cyjretreats.org | (512) 847.9564

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter

CYJ Retreat Center is located just three hours from Houston and is a 240-acre refuge for those wanting to meditate in a calming environment. The entire compound has a lake, plenty of oak trees, and even some grazing deer to keep one reminded of the beauty of God’s creation.

5. Houston Zen Center’s Auspicious Cloud Retreat Center

Address: 6650 Trackside Rd. Chappell Hill, Texas.

Contact details: reservations@houstonzen.org | (713) 869.1952

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Houston Zen Center in Heights Boulevard manages the Auspicious Cloud Retreat Center (ACRC), formerly known as Margaret Austin Center, in Chappell Hill. While it is a one-hour drive north of Houston, the center promises it would be worth it with its 40-acre expanse in a rural community. Please note that the retreat center only accepts group retreats of 10 persons or more, with no option yet for individual retreats. Nonetheless, it’s still a great option if you belong to a group or family.

6. Emmaus Spirituality Center

Address: 12211 Memorial Dr.

Contact details: info@emmausspiritualitycenter.com | (281) 241.9678

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter

Emmaus Spirituality Center has programs on spiritual programming and direction, as well as spiritual exercises. The latter, its website says, is “a retreat experience that has the power to transform lives by drawing one into the ever-present invitation to intimacy with God.”

7. Journey Conference and Retreat Center

Address: 13210 Land Rd.

Contact details: mrlloyd@mac.com | (713) 569.0160

Social Media: Facebook

Journey Conference and Retreat Center offers a monthly silent retreat program that serves as a “season of rest and refreshing.” The retreat center is located just 15 minutes from the Hobby Airport and downtown Houston, so a quiet place to reflect on your Christian life is always a stone’s throw away. 

8. Circle Lake Retreat Center

Address: 19000 Circle Lake Dr., Pinehurst, Texas

Contact details: (281) 356.6764

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

This retreat facility sits on a 45-acre property with lakes and active fauna that form a small patch of Eden close to Houston. There are meditation spots, a chapel, and retreat homes with facilities that can serve up to 17 guests.

9. Cameron Retreat Center

Address: 2405 Holcombe Blvd.

Contact details: jbarrette@archgh.org | (713) 741.8742

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter

This retreat center is ideal for singles, engaged, and married couples. The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston runs the facility.

10. Mt. Carmel House of Prayer

Address: 9600 Deer Trail Dr.

Contact details: (281) 931.1698

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter

This is another archdiocesan retreat center under the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. The Missionary Carmelites of St. Teresa runs various retreat programs for ‘youth, women society groups, married couples, women and sisters, parish councils, and schools,’ according to its website. Sr. Melanie Garcia, C.M.S.T., is the facility’s director.

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