Resigned Houston megachurch pastor Jeremy Foster says sorry after being seen at John Maxwell's event

Embattled former Houston megachurch pastor Jeremy Foster issued an Instagram apology over his appearance at a John Maxwell event. Image: Brett Jordan

Jeremy Foster, the resigned former pastor of Houston megachurch Hope City, took to Instagram on March 19 to issue an apology to his followers over his extramarital affair.

Foster apologized for his infidelity one week after he was seen attending an event by John Maxwell, the renowned Christian leadership mentor.

Foster Apologizes for 'Adulterous Affair'

According to an article by The Roys Report, Foster apologized to his Instagram followers about the inappropriate affair that forced him to vacate his post as Hope City's pastor last year.

Foster's video, which lasted for nine minutes, contained his admission about his adulterous affair. The disgraced former megachurch pastor broke his yearlong silence about any matters relating to his scandalous relationship with a woman other than his wife.

The website said Foster had since undergone a divorce and remarried in November last year following his resignation from Hope City at the height of the scandal.

"If you don't know, you know, I had a moral failure. I had an affair. And I devastated my family. I hurt the church that I was leaving, and hurt and confused a lot of staff and volunteers and people that follow me and listen to me and love me. . . . I never would have thought that I would have done this. And I'm deeply sorry," The Roys Report quoted Foster saying in his Instagram post.

Aside from disclosing a few details about his affair, Foster added that he and his estranged wife maintains an "amicable" relationship. The former Mega City pastor explained that they are 'working well with their younger kids.'

Jayden Foster, Foster's older child, contradicted her father's claims, saying what he was telling people is "BS."

A separate article by the Roys Report mentioned that Hope City overseer Mark Briggs posted about Foster's resignation in January 2022. Briggs said Foster had confessed to the extramarital relationship and decided to step down as Hope City's pastor.

The article noted that pastors Jackie and Daniel Groves took over Foster's role as head of the church that was once considered the United State's "fastest-growing church." 

A Maxwell Employee?

According to the same article, The Roys Report sought comment from Maxwell Leadership about Foster's relationship with them. The website disclosed that the institute has yet to deny or confirm whether Foster is an employee.

Nonetheless, a Maxwell Leadership employee who was not named in the article claimed that the former pastor works as a marketing manager for the institute.

Additionally, an attendee at one leadership conference where Foster was also present told The Roys Report that the latter claimed to be Maxwell Leadership's CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) or COO (Chief Operations Officer).

About Hope City Church

According to its website, Hope City Church began in 2015 as "a movement aimed at bringing Jesus to Houston and beyond."

Since then, Hope City has become one church with a presence in different locations. Hope City has campuses in Tanzania, Katy, and The Woodlands, aside from its main campus in Houston, texas.

Today, Daniel and Jackie Groves are the church's lead pastors, while Orok and Aisha Duke serve as its development pastors. 

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