15 organizations Houston Christians should consider volunteering

Christians thinking about volunteering should ensure that their choice of organization is worth the effort. Image: Joel Muniz

True Christians should strive to do Good Samaritan works at least once. Just as Jesus Christ professed kindness toward others, a Christian who wishes to follow in Christ’s footsteps should consider volunteering to help others.

Fortunately, there is plenty of potential organizations where a Houston Christian could volunteer. Many of these organizations have rendered selfless service to people for a long time, while others show great promise in offering various kinds of aid to the needy.

Here are 15 organizations that Houston Christians should consider volunteering for soon:

1. Kids’ Meals

Address: 330 Garden Oaks Blvd.

Cause area/s: Food distribution, volunteer work

Contact details: Email - volunteer@kidsmealsinc.org; Phone - (713) 695-5437

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

This group seeks to ensure that no kids in Houston would go hungry by packing and delivering food and weekly grocery items to residents’ homes. The group targets the city’s “hungriest preschool-aged children.”

2. Books Between Kids

Address: 9947 Harwin Drv., Suites B and C

Cause area/s: Book drive and distribution

Contact details: Email - info@booksbetweenkids.org; Phone - (832) 831-1402

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

This group is perfect for Christian book lovers who wish to share the joy of reading with young kids. The organization gives books to the city’s at-risk children so they can have a library inside their homes.

3. Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston

Address: 3303 Main St.

Cause area/s: Refugee services, meal distribution, volunteer services, interfaith relations and community partnerships, development and communications

Contact details: Email - llewis@imgh.org; Phone - (713) 533-4948

Social media: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

This group “brings people of diverse faith traditions together for dialogue, collaboration, and service.” The Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston offers free meals on wheels to hungry people in the Greater Houston area and renders refugee assistance, among others. 

4. Houston Food Bank

Address: 535 Portwall St.

Cause area/s: Food distribution

Contact details: Email - info@houstonfoodbank.org; Phone - (832) 369-9390

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Houston Food Bank serves 18 counties all over Houston and commits itself to ‘filling pantries and filling lives.’ It is “America’s largest food bank in distribution.”

5. The Ronald McDonald House Houston

Address: 1907 Holcomb Blvd.

Cause area/s: Temporary shelter

Contact details: Email - mc@rmhhouston.org; Phone - (713) 795-3500

Social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube

The Ronald McDonald House (RMH) Houston serves as “a home away from home” for families with seriously ill kids undergoing medication at the Texas Medical Center and other healthcare facilities. Their services allow parents and their kids to stay together while treatment is underway.

6. The Forge for Families

Address: 3435 Dixie Dr.

Cause area/s: After-school, youth group, group projects, coaching, community outreach, summer camp, athletics

Contact details: Email - bridget@forgeforfamilies.org; Phone - (713) 660-1860

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

The Forge for Families seeks to “holistically equip families to fulfill their God-given potential.” This Christian volunteer organization serves Houston's Second and Third Ward communities, where many families are considered “economically disadvantaged.” 

7. The Periwinkle Foundation

Address: 3400 Bissonett St., Suite 185

Cause area/s: Survivor programs, arts, camps

Contact details: Email - dsuggitt@periwinklefoundation.org; Phone - (713) 807-0191

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

The Periwinkle Foundation seeks to assist Texas Medical Center child patients undergoing treatments for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. They also have programs for teens and adults who have survived their illnesses. The organization has been helping people for 40 years, and you might want to volunteer soon.

8. Open Door Mission Houston

Address: 5803 Harrisonburg Blvd.

Cause area/s: Addiction recovery, recuperative care, education, and career guidance

Contact details: Email - info@opendoorhouston.org; Phone - (713) 921-7520

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Open Door Mission (ODM) Houston is a ‘faith and evidence-based recovery program seeking to transform lives of the severely addicted, destitute, homeless, and differently-abled men for free.’ The group has individual and group volunteer options to accommodate those seeking to lend a hand with the organization’s programs.

9. Impact Houston Church of Christ

Address: 1704 Weber St.

Cause area/s: Homeless care, kids and teens, meal distribution, youth summer programs, Bible studies

Contact details: Email - plemmons@impacthouston.net; Phone - (713) 864-5667

Social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Impact Houston Church of Christ has weekly volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups wishing to participate in various ministries. You may volunteer as a reading teacher or intern in the church’s Urban Youth and Children’s Ministry.

10. Houston Habitat for Humanity

Address: 3750 N. McCarthy St.

Cause area/s: Shelter

Contact details: Email - info@houstonhabitat.org; Phone - (713) 671-9993

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Houston Habitat for Humanity provides homes to Houston residents who could not mortgage a house due to financial difficulties. If you have a knack for construction work, this could be the perfect organization for you to volunteer.

11. Houston Humane Society TWRC Wildlife Center

Address: 10801 Hammerly Blvd., Ste 200

Cause area/s: Wildlife conservation and protection, wildlife rehabilitation

Contact details: Email - info@twrcwildlifecenter.org; Phone - (713) 468-8972

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

The Houston Humane Society TWRC Wildlife Center is ideal for Houston Christians who wish to care for various wildlife species, such as possums and critters.

12. Houston Pets Alive

Address: 2800 Antoine Dr., Suite #2854

Cause area/s: Animal shelter, rescue, adoption, and protection

Contact details: Email - volunteer@houstonpetsalive.org; Phone - (832) 786-9310

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Houston Pets Alive is a great organization to volunteer with if you love cats and dogs. The group helps save paw friends from possible euthanasia, homelessness, and illnesses. The organization likewise finds forever-loving homes for its rescued animals.

13. Houston BARC Foundation

Address: 3300 Carr St.

Cause area/s: Animal shelter and adoption

Contact details: Email - info@houstonbarcfoundation.org; Phone - (713) 229-7300

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Houston BARC Foundation works with the City of Houston in rescuing and finding permanent homes for stray animals. The facility accepts volunteers willing to share their time caring for the rescued animals.

14. Target Hunger

Address: 1260 Shotwell St.

Cause area/s: Hunger alleviation, food drive

Contact details: Email - info@targethunger.org; Phone - (832) 767-1677

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

The organization has been helping alleviate the hunger problem in Houston since 1989. It’s an excellent organization for you to volunteer if hunger alleviation is close to your heart.

15. Hope For Three

Address: 4771 Sweetwater Blvd., #358, Sugar Land, Texas

Cause area/s: Autism support, family assistance, caregiver empowerment, teen huddle, autism awareness/education, crisis intervention, autistic driver education course, emergency assistance

Contact details: Email - contact@hopeforthree.org, alondra@hopeforthree.org ; Phone - (281) 245-0640

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

This nonprofit organization helps support families with a member diagnosed with autism. It provides different services that help autistic kids and their families deal with the condition more easily.

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