Trinity Bible Church shares updates on supported ministries

Trinity Bible Church gave an update on its Supported Missionaries to encourage members to support their mission. (Photo taken from Trinity Bible Church’s website)

Trinity Bible Church provides updates from all its supported missionaries during their Equip Class on Sunday, March 12.

The church’s Facebook page announced that Drew Allenspach from 9Marks gave an update on the initiatives they helped with that year’s Harvest Offering.

Trinity Bible Church’s Mission

Trinity Bible Church believes that Jesus gave them the mission to proclaim the gospel and make disciples. They follow Him by baptizing people and teaching them to obey everything Jesus commanded. 


The church emphasized that they exist to Making Disciple make disciples and cultivate disciples to establish churches. 


According to them, the primary objective of their missions is to glorify God. They use the disciple-making process, which is a duty of the local church. They explained that they like to be part of and help in ministries that value the significance of the local church.


As further mentioned, they work with organizations that entirely embrace the historical, biblical principles of the gospel.


The church website pointed out two main strategies that they use to live out their mission. The first is through evangelism. They believed Jesus calls every church member to share and live out the gospel with unbelievers. 


They emphasized that their congregation is their evangelistic program comprised of stay-at-home mothers and professional engineers. 


Moreover, part of the Trinity Bible Church’s mission is Church planting. They admitted they are thankful to partner with The Grove Church Plant Network. The website explained that this group seeks to witness a healthy church planted within driving distance of every individual in Arizona. 


The church looks forward to working with church plants in Scotland and the Philippines. 


More importantly, the website stressed that at least ten percent of their church budget gives monetary support to their mission initiatives. 


Supporting Missionaries

The Missions section revealed that most of the missionaries they support came from the church. According to them, some of their efforts are dangerous, so they did not include the missionary's information on their list. 


There are seven missionaries and the organizations they work with on the church’s website. Librech and Ina Anthony’s mission in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and Andy and Sarah Prime assist in the Gracemount Church in Edinburgh, Scotland. 


Besides, they said that Japhet Indico, another missionary serves at Metropolitan Christian Fellowship in Cebu City, Philippines. Meanwhile, missionaries Phil and Ellen Nichols help in Cru in Orlando, Florida, as listed on the website. 


In addition, Brian and Leslie Ricci serve in Bridges International in Seattle, Washington Metro Team. Also, Christ Chirico works with the Young Life Northwest in Phoenix, Arizona, and lastly, Kurt and Lesley Von Der Linden are assisting in the Indopartners Agency in Phoenix, Arizona. 


About the Grove Plant Network

The Grove Plant Network is one of the partners of Trinity Bible Church to live out its mission of planting churches. They are a group of healthy churches aiming to establish nourishing churches within driving distance in Arizona. 


Chris Daukas, Executive Director of Grove Plant Network, explained on the website that church planting is God’s plan of spreading the gospel into their neighboring communities. They added that it is more than sharing the gospel with others but witnessing that they embody it in the life of a group of Believers. 

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