Knox Presbyterian Church to run school supply drive, blessing of backpacks

Knox Presbyterian Church motivates its members to participate in its school supply drive and backpack blessings for students. (Photo taken from the official website of Knox Presbyterian Church)

Know Presbyterian Church encourages its congregation to bless the kids in their city by supporting their school supply drive on Sunday, Aug. 7.

The church's announcement stated that they would give students and educators a “special blessing” for the next school year. It noted that they would provide it during their worship service.

The church would collect school supplies such as new backpacks, and one-subject spiral notebooks. Students also need two-pocket folders.

Also, the website requests members to give washable markers and notebook paper. These papers could be either comprehensive or college-ruled.

As further mentioned, members could drop these items at Knox Presbyterian Church in the Michigan Avenue lobby.

Besides, Knox Presbyterian Church’s members could also order school supplies on Amazon and then deliver them to the church’s address, as noted on the website.

Official First Day of School

The Public School Holidays website revealed that the official first day of public schools in Cincinnati is on Aug. 18, Thursday. They posted that this is the approved schedule of the school's activity for 2022-2023.

Further noted, those with inquiries could also check the school district website. They could check any last-minute news or changes that may not include in the official calendar.

Besides, the same website said that they had posted non-student days, such as the preparation and services of teachers.

On the School Calendar 2022-2023, they announced that students would have their Thanksgiving Vacation on Nov 23, 2022. Then, they also said that students in public schools would have their Christmas Break on Dec. 19, 2022, while their summer break would start on March 27, 2023.

More importantly, the last day of public schools would be May 25, 2023. The website also posted that May 26, 2023, would begin their summer vacation.

Knox Congregational Care

Knox provides congregational care for its members, as mentioned in its caring ministry section. They noted that Rev. Becky Bosarge leads this program. The caring program listens, comforts, and prays for the Knox members.

As further noted on its website, as followers of Jesus, the church members are called to participate in the healing and wholeness ministries to care for others.

Knox Presbyterian Church also believes God called them to express His love to others.

In addition, the church posted that caring is a practice of their spiritual life. Besides, the Knox prayer ministries support their members through prayer. The website reveals that members nurture spiritual venues for God and others in this ministry.

Knox posted that they could help their congregation for those in need of motivation and comfort. They help members through their Bereavement Ministry. They also have healing hands quilts program, etc.

Knox Children Ministry

One of the priorities of Knox Church is its children's program. According to the Kid section, Knox Presbyterian Church provides various opportunities for children. Their programs help kids to discover and mature in their faith.

The same website stressed that the Knox Presbyterian Church’s staff are loving and equipped to cultivate the kids in their community. The church stated that they provide childcare for kids ages four and below in their Preschool wing.

Moreover, Knox Presbyterian Church emphasized that they deal with whatever the children need. They added that their staff provides the children’s needs with compassion and patience.

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