LifeSpring Christian Church collects funds for gift campaign

Lifespring Christian Church encouraged its members to support its Christmas Gifts Love Campaign. (Photo taken from LifeSpring Christian Church’s Facebook page)

LifeSpring Christian Church asked its members to support its Christmas Gifts of Love Campaign.

The church’s Facebook post on Wednesday, Nov. 30, noted that they collect funds to help their global partners. They pointed out that the funds would proceed to the Missions of Hope International (MOHI). 

Besides, they mentioned that these grants could help the organization refurbish some of the schools and churches they utilize in the Mathari Valley of Nairobi, Kenya. 

Mission of Hope International

According to the MOHI website, they seek to serve kids and families in marginalized communities. The website notes that they want to achieve its mission through holistic programs.

In addition, the organization stated that its vision is rooted in the passion of its more than 1,100 Kenyan staff. They mentioned working with more than 70 organizations with the same holistic, lasting change.

As further discussed, MOHI centers its vision and might be in serving the vulnerable members of various communities. They started in the Mathare Valley slum of Nairobi and have expanded to the adjacent slums, as added on the website.

Moreover, they said they began serving remote and rural communities nationwide in 2013.

Holistic Strategy

The same website revealed that poverty divides relationships with self, others, God, and society. The MOHI noted that they are working hard to make these connections whole and change the lives of individuals below the poverty line. 

They stated that they want them to live out what God wants them to have. The website emphasized that their approach is holistic, meaning “the whole gospel for the whole person.”

MOHI also mentioned that they have unified programs that deal with brokenness in every aspect of life. They explained that these approaches could bring hope in Jesus to these individuals in extreme poverty. 

More importantly, the website highlighted that each program aims to educate, strengthen and redeem them.

Impact of MOHI

The MOHI website revealed that they have been educating the children and empowering their parents. They added that they have been restoring communities by redeeming people's lives.

It highlighted that they had expanded the hope of Christ to the communities that are unreached and overlooked. MOHA stressed that they would not stop until God moved beyond their measure.

Moreover, the website posted that they have served 30 communities and enrolled 22,000 students. The organization has supported 739 high school graduates, as added on the website.

They mentioned that 400 students complete their skills training annually. As further highlighted, the organization has given 8400 microfinance loans and cured 24000 patients yearly.

Brief Story

The website stated that Wallace and Mary Kamau pioneered MOHI in 2000 after obeying God’s persistent calling to minister in Mathare. They explained that their initial enrollment was 50 kindergarten learners. 

In addition, they stated that in the past years, God had blessed their initiatives through new partnerships and continued growth. 

The website posted that MOHI has more than 21,000 learners attending school in its 25 centers. They emphasized that through their transformational programs, they have reached thousands more.

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