New Faith Baptist Church pastor decries illegal dumping outside church, seeks help to stop problem

The recurring illegal dumping outside their church prompted a Houston pastor to vent his frustration and ask for help to stop their weekly ordeal. Image: John Cameron|Unsplash

Their persistent problem of having to deal with the stench of garbage being illegally dumped outside their place of worship has prompted a Houston pastor to air his frustration over those responsible for the act.

Khou11 News said Pastor M.D. Morrison of the New Faith Baptist Church complained that garbage being illegally dumped outside their property "develops a smell our members have to deal with."

Garbage Pile Becomes Church's Weekly Burden

Pastor Morrison told Khou11 News that his parishioners have to bear the burden of not only "taking in more than just the Sunday service." He explained that they have been grappling with the unpleasant smell from the pile of rubbish behind their church weekly.

"We find animals, we found horses. You see a cross here. That is because a body was found there," Khou11 News quoted Morrison saying.

The news outlet added that there were also tires and furniture on the latest pile of rubbish just a few feet away from the church.

Pastor Morrison's congregation in northeast Houston happens to be along a road where a white pickup truck illegally dumped at least a ton's worth of garbage. Chron's report showed cameras captured the incident, which prompted Morrison to comment on how someone could 'think so low about his area' to do such an act.

"It's been understood that the northside of Houston and other areas of color are areas where you can dump your trash with little to no consequence… There's not a lot of traffic back here. There's not a lot eyes on the situation, and they feel like they can get away," Morrison told Fox 26 reporter Sherman Deselle.

According to Khou11 News, Pastor Morrison expressed his anger about the yet-unidentified perpetrator illegally dumping garbage in his community "without any consequences."

The news outlet said the illegal dumping happened on March 2 at around 10:20 a.m. Accordingly, Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen reportedly posted the camera footage of the incident on social media in hopes of getting the identity of the person behind the truck's wheels.

Rosen explained that garbage dumped on public roads are "a health hazard." He added that he does not want to "have people think it's ok to dump trash in front of the church or around people where they live."

The Precinct 1 Constable's Office is urging anyone who has information leading to the suspect's identity and arrest to call them at 713-755-5200.

Meanwhile, Pastor Morrison said he hopes community members would share the story to help end the rampant illegal garbage dumping so that they could worship peacefully on Sundays.

About New Faith Baptist Church

According to its Facebook account, New Faith Baptist Church is located at 8955 N. Wayside Dr. in Houston, Texas. Montari Morrison leads the church as its Senior Pastor.

The church holds its weekly Sunday worship service every 9 a.m.

Those who wish to contact the church may call 713-491-0733 or email 

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