African Diaspora and Allies Missional Community to serve African food, hold fellowship

Episcopal Diocese of Missouri invites all to come to African Food and Fellowship. (Photo taken from African Diaspora and Allies Missional Community's Facebook page)

African Diaspora and Allies Missional Community will host an African Food and Fellowship event at the Deaconess Anne House Old North St. Louis. The event is scheduled on Saturday, Aug. 13, and will begin at 4 p.m.

African Food, Fellowship 

African Diaspora and Allies Missional Community encouraged everyone to attend the African Food and Fellowship event at the Deaconess Anne House Old North St. Louis.

As announced on its Facebook page, everyone is welcome to this gathering. 

There is no fee for attending the event. The organization requires those interested in coming to send an RSVP to Rev. Mtipe Koggani. 

The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri also provided information about the African Food and Fellowship event. It shares information about it through the diocese's website

According to the diocese's announcement, it is holding this community event in anticipation of launching a new African Church in St. Louis. 

African Food and Fellowship is free and will feature African food, music, and an opportunity to learn about plans for the diocese's latest mission.

Everyone is welcome to bring a side dish or drink to share. However, it is not a requirement. The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri encourages all to come and enjoy the event. 

Deaconess Anne House 

According to its Facebook page, the Deaconess Anne House is the Episcopal Service Corps branch in St. Louis. It was established in 2013.

The Deaconess Anne House is a service year community for young adults. 

People in their 20s come to serve in St. Louis and live together in an intentional Christian community based on Benedictine spirituality. They live, pray, and serve together in Old North St. Louis as members of the Episcopal Service Corps. 

The young adults serve 32 hours per week in one of the Deaconess Anne House's non-profit placement sites. They grow in faith together through prayer and service. 

As per its website, Corps members are young adults ages 21-29. They are invited to live in the community while learning, digging in, and embracing the concepts of social justice, leadership, spirituality, and serving the St. Louis community. 

The corps members serve the community through some non-profit partners. 

Episcopal Diocese of Missouri 

As per its website, the diocese is composed of 41 congregations, campus ministries, and an intentional Christian community for young adults. The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri believes in a loving, life-giving, and liberation triune God. 

Furthermore, it believes that the Lord loves all. There are no exceptions. The Office of the Bishop is in the Bishop Tuttle Memorial Building. It is connected to the Christ Church Cathedral in downtown St. Louis. 

The exact address is 1210 Locust Street, St. Louis. The Rt. Rev. Deon Johnson is serving as the 11th Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri.  

As shared on its Facebook page, recently, at the beginning of Aug., the Deaconess Anne House reported it was among the beneficiary of a $1,000 grant to use for outreach.

The money was from the Diocese of Missouri's budget surplus, which ended the year with a budget surplus. It granted all the Episcopal worshiping communities $1,000 for utilizing their outreach activities or projects. 


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