Riverbend Family Ministries experiences serious damages from recent flooding

Riverbank Family Ministries asks for help in restoring its building after the flooding on July 26, Tuesday. (Photo taken from Riverbank Family Ministries' Facebook page)

Riverbend Family Ministries (RFM) announced that it would be closed until further notice due to the recent flooding on July 26, Tuesday. The calamity resulted in serious damage to the church's building.

The organization informed everyone that it arranged teams to work on issues in the building.

Furthermore, it ensured that its team will be working hard to resolve issues so they can re-open for services.

Riverbend Family Ministries, Flooding Update

Riverbend Family Ministries is still working to clear up its building from the damages from the flooding. As shared on its Facebook page, it informed all that the damage from the flooding is worst than expected.

According to the update, Riverbend Family Ministries need more time in cleaning up and it will take more time than they assumed. The flooding brought damage to 12 offices, the kitchen, the staff break area, all the bathrooms, and the conference room.

The flooding destroyed its Refuge Space. Damages were also present in offices, and the group meeting space for its SOAR program.

Riverbend Family Ministries announced that it is looking well into Sept. before it can resume services in the building. Moreover, it informed its clients that Refuge has been able to reach out to churches and other organizations in the area.

The churches and organizations would allow Refuge to use some space to continue its work with the church’s kids, so caregivers would not be forced to miss out on their sessions.

Riverbend Family Ministries asks for the help of its community. It informed all that insurance adjusters have been out, however after several works to bring back the building into shape, it needs more funds.

This is a huge setback for the ministry after it has spent plenty of time raising funds for the renovation of its new building. It requests for everyone to consider donating to Riverbend Family Ministries.

It expressed its appreciation for any donation big or small. Riverbend also stated that it needs a lot of help and work to get its building back to what it was before— a safe place for all individuals, kids, and families in crisis.

Riverbend Family Ministries asks those who want to donate to visit its website.

LeClaire Christian Church through its Facebook page encouraged its congregation to lend a hand to Riverbend. According to the church, Riverbend Family Ministries is one of the missions it supports.

Furthermore, LeClaire Christian Church informed everyone that Riverbend Family Ministries experienced extensive damage to its office during recent flooding from last week’s storms.

Executive Director Tammy and her husband Reda are partners of LeClaire. The church stated that it would love to show the couple their support in restoring their building.

LeClaire Christian Church requests its church family to consider donating and visit GoFundMe for Riverbend Family Ministries. Those who want to donate may also contact their office.

About Riverbend Family Ministries

As per its website, RFM was established in Aug. 2007. Its address is in downtown Wood River at 131 East Ferguson Avenue. It had its grand opening on Mar. 20, 2008.

Tammy Iskarous is the Executive Director of Riverbend Family Ministries. As stated on its website, the organization focuses on its collaborative, holistic efforts for children, youth, and families.

RFM’s clients experienced trauma, often due to violence, poverty, addiction, violence, and homelessness.


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